Anthony Mackie Teases Infinity War Battle As Big as 25 Airport Scenes

Captain America: Civil War - Team Cap

Avengers: Infinity War will have no trouble topping Captain America: Civil War's airport fight, according to Anthony Mackie who recently teased an action sequence much grander in scale. Marvel Studios is pushing the boundaries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Infinity War. In the latest effort to wow audiences, the studio has brought together nearly every single hero in the MCU to try and defeat Thanos.

Based on the footage description for the Infinity War teaser shown at D23 yesterday, it sounds as though Marvel will indeed deliver when it comes to fan expectations. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo are taking what they learned from Civil War and are applying it to much a larger, cosimc scale, which, as far as Mackie is concerned, results in one insanely long, jaw-dropping sequence.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan spoke to GMA about Infinity War and were asked about the scale of the upcoming Marvel film. Both actors were part of Civil War's incredible airport sequence, but that may pale in comparison to what is in store for Infinity War.

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