Anthem: Tombs of the Legionnaires Guide & Walkthrough

Anthem Tombs of the Legionnaires

Anthem's main story missions don't do much to reinvent the wheel, but there are still some exciting, entertaining endeavors, such as Anthem's Tombs of the Legionnaires quest. BioWare does a good job of creating a sense that something is at stake relatively early on in the narrative, and each missions feels like it is building toward a greater moment while still feeling like a worthwhile investment of time on their own.

Well, most of them, anyway. Early on in Anthem, just as the story begins to get good, players will have a curveball tossed their way. Rather than tackle a specific mission, our aspiring Freelancers are instead given a collection of achievement-based quests under the main quest name of Tombs of the Legionnaires. Some of what's required is relatively easy, but other tasks require a deliberate approach. The end result is, without a doubt, one of the most frustrating experiences the game has in its first hours of Anthem. Invested and ready to enjoy the perks of being at or around level 10, players are instead given a laundry list of menial tasks and told they can't enjoy any of the story until they put a checkmark beside every item.

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Luckily, we've gone through that already, and we've compiled a guide to the locations of each four tombs alongside what they require for entry. We've also provided some helpful suggestions on how to get each part of those requirements done in the fastest, safest way possible. If you want to make Tombs of the Legionnaires as painless as possible, read on.

Tomb of Cariff

The Tomb of Cariff in Anthem's Tombs of the Legionnaires quest is located at the northern-most point of the Emerald Abyss section of the Anthem freeplay map. It's hard to miss, given its location, but if you follow the river north and then veer off to the east just before it ends, you'll basically be right in front of the tomb. Anthem's Tomb of Cariff has four requirements for entry:

  • Missions: 0/3
  • Gear Defeats: 0/30
  • Combo Triggers: 0/15
  • Multi-Kills: 0/3

Obviously, for the first requirement, just completing three missions will do. For Gear Defeats, use some of your specialized gear to get the final shot on enemies. Using Anthem's Colossus for its Flamethrower is particularly effective for this one, although every class has a few that work. Combo Triggers can be achieved through using an elemental attack - ice, fire, poison, or electricity - and then following up with melee. These three requirements shouldn't take players too long, although they can be obtuse for those who are playing through on their own, since Combo Triggers can be a bit harder to achieve with just one player.

For multi-kills, however, players have already reported having trouble getting the counter to tick up. We found it most effective to use explosives, but even then, if an damage-over-time ability or environmental damage not directly caused by the blast ends up killing an enemy, it can cause the multi-kill not to register. Abilities like the poison mist of the Interceptor or the grenade launcher of the Colossus can help a lot here, and the Storm class is particularly great at achieving things like Combo Triggers and multi-kills, so if you're having trouble, trying inviting one along. The Ranger's Ultimate is, of course, good at triggering multi-kills as well.

Tomb of Gawnes

The Tomb of Gawnes in Anthem's Tombs of the Legionnaires quest is located just above the "F" and the "O" in Fortress of Dawn on the world map. It's tucked just north of The Dungeon on the same map, but if players don't have that point of reference, they can once again follow the river north as it flows into the part of the map we just discussed. It funnels almost right into the entrance to the Tomb of Gawnes. Once there, the tomb will inform players that they need to accomplish three things to gain entry:

  • Melee Defeats: 0/50
  • Ultimate Defeats: 0/50
  • Legendary Defeats: 0/3

The Tomb of Gawnes is all about combat, which makes it pretty well the easiest one of the lot. Given that players should have access to two Javelins by the time they start this questline, they'll have a few options for how to go about it. Melee defeats are easiest with the Interceptor and it's incredibly quick kill rate or the Colossus, which has an AoE melee attack that can wipe out multiple trash mobs in one strike.

Ultimate defeats are pretty easy for virtually every class, since they all affect large swaths of area. Of all of them, the Interceptor is probably the hardest to achieve this with, since it still requires melee - but even then, ambitious use of Ultimates during questing will rack that number up quickly. For Legendary defeats, players simply need to kill three different Legendary enemies. These enemies tend to spawn during World Events, so keep an eye out for them there or during other missions as rare spawns.

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