Anthem Story And Gameplay Details Revealed

BioWare discusses the story and gameplay of Anthem, taking the time to discuss the project as part of EA's E3 2018 press conference.

Anthem Story and Gameplay Details Revealed

Anthem was a key part of EA's E3 2018 press conference, and among the discussion was the reveal of some key world and plot elements. The upcoming BioWare title is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games around, and as such plenty of fans of the developer's work were looking closely at the EA Play event to see if there were any major tidbits to be found.

Thankfully, those fans had plenty to see about the game during the presentation, with both a brand new cinematic trailer and a brief look at one of the game's missions in action, which can be seen below. It was a far cry from the silent treatment that BioWare had been keeping until now, with nothing but a few teasers and some very impressive Anthem art to be found in the run-up to the event.

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On top of the two video reveals, Anthem was also subject to a panel from BioWare itself to talk about the game. This led to some rather interesting reveals about the title, particularly from a story perspective, with Anthem set in a world that was left unfinished by the gods themselves. However, apparently these gods left behind their massive tools of creation, which is leading to the major conflicts found within the game. An evil group known as the Dominion is attempting to use a powerful force called the Anthem Of Creation to destroy what remains of society, and the player is set to stop it.

This is going to lead to some pretty interesting changes within the title for players, with a world that BioWare promises is constantly reshaping, and an army of mutating enemies to face off against. Players, acting as freelancers, will be tasked with protecting the people of Tarsis, and thankfully gamers will have some support through their use of the highly powerful Javelin suits, as well as with a multiplayer system that BioWare described as "our world, my story." This means that, despite an emphasis on cooperative gameplay within missions, each player's story elements found within the game hub will feel unique to them - although apparently romance is off the cards entirely in Anthem.

In general, the building of a squad is going to be removed from the game too. Although it has been a core part of BioWare's RPGs, no NPCs will go with players on missions, and instead the teams will be made up of different human players. BioWare may have stated that the game can be completed single player, but there's clearly a focus on online multiplayer: after all, the game requires an online connection at all times, and there's no couch co-op either. At launch, Anthem won't cover all multiplayer eventualities, though, as the game will not release with a PvP mode.

Within the game, players will be given the option of four different exosuits: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm. These Javelin suits change the way in which the game is played, with the Colossus suit used for heavy weapons for instance. Much like the Destiny games, it's clear that having a well-balanced mix of Javelin suits will be of benefit when it comes to missions, with a maximum team size of four. Players will also have the opportunity to customize these suits as well, with not only color changes but also modifications to the designs of the suits themselves.

All in all, Anthem certainly looks like a fluid experience when it comes to gameplay, with an action heavy focus. It's certainly looking impressive, although perhaps a little too close to other games such as Destiny for comfort, but nonetheless gamers will likely be keeping an eye on this project prior to its release in February 2019.

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Source: Game Informer

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