Anthem Release Dates & Unlock Times For Xbox One, PS4, & PC

The Anthem release dates schedule is very confusing, so when can people play it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC? To answer that question means deciphering the insane Anthem release schedule that BioWare and EA recently released online, which breaks down the various release dates for people who've pre-ordered Anthem, purchased Anthem at retail, and/or can play Anthem through EA Access and EA Origin Premier. It's not exactly straight to the point.

For the uninitiated, Anthem is the latest video game from BioWare, who've actually been developing Anthem since long before Destiny even came out. While both games have been compared to one another for their loot-focused gameplay, Anthem is shaping up to be something else entirely. And after years and years of waiting, BioWare and action RPG fans can now get their hands on Anthem... but exactly when depends entirely on how they plan on obtaining a copy of the game. So, let's clear the air on that.

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Anthem Release Dates For Xbox One, PS4, & PC

Instead of even attempting to unpack the info-heavy, Anthem release chart above, it's perhaps better to just take a look at Screen Rant's breakdown below. Bottom line: unless you have access to an EA special service the earliest you can play is February 22 - the official Anthem release date - and that includes people who've pre-ordered the Anthem Legion of Dawn edition.

  • Origin Access Premier (PC) - February 15 (Full Game)
  • Origin Access Basic (PC) - February 15 (10-Hour Trial)
  • EA Access (Xbox One) - February 15 (10-Hour Trial)
  • Standard and Legion of Dawn editions (Xbox One, PS4, and PC) - February 22 (Full Game)

Anthem Unlock Time For Xbox One, PS4, & PC

For people who've pre-ordered the Standard Edition and Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem, they can play the game when it unlocks at the following times: 9 pm PST on February 21, 12 am EST on February 22, and 5 am GMT on February 22.


Anthem's crazy release schedule is yet another example of how publishers are alienating parts of their customer bases, and this isn't specific to EA; Ubisoft is employing a similar release strategy for The Division 2, which hits store shelves in mid-March (depending entirely on which version you're playing). In the end, it's simple to remember: unless you have access to a publisher-specific service, the earliest people can play a new game, such as Anthem, is the official release date. For BioWare's Anthem, that release date is Friday, February 22 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Once you get into the game, let us know what you think!

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