Anthem's Console Experience Is So Bad Fans Are Getting Refunds

The problems with Anthem on PlayStation 4 are so severe that Sony has started honoring refund requests of players having issues with the game. Anthem is the ambitious looter shooter by BioWare that was initially a hyped release, but since launch, the title has been plagued with numerous problems. Its critical reception is also troublesome, as Anthem is the worst-reviewed game in BioWare's long history.

On the surface, Anthem sounds promising: its world is set in a place that was once inhabited by the gods. The gods left, though, and the only proof of their existence are the tools of creation they left behind. One of those tools is the Anthem of Creation, which is so powerful that a group known as the Dominion is hunting for it so that it can possess it and use its power. Players take on the role of Freelancers, whose mission is to stop the Dominion before the organization destroys the world. Freelancers explore their world in Javelins, exosuits that let them fly across the landscape from one area to another. It all sounds good on paper, but thanks to problems with the game, as well as a confusing release schedule, many in the industry would consider Anthem a disappointment.

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On the PS4, some players have reported that the game crashes their system, and sometimes even shuts their consoles down, forcing the system to repair itself when turned back on. The problem is so bad and ongoing that, according to a thread on Reddit, some players have received refunds for the game directly from Sony. Some users reported that they did not receive refunds when requested, but another poster suggests that each player is only allowed one "goodwill refund" from the company. Whatever the case, this is another sign of how much of a failure Anthem has become.

It's no shock that with all these problems, Anthem has not done well for BioWare. Its physical sales were only half of that of BioWare's previous title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, which also had its share of problems. Two back-to-back failures don't look good for the company, but at least BioWare has insisted that Anthem's struggles won't affect any future titles moving forward.

Anthem has more than just issues with bugs and glitches, although some have proven helpful to players who exploit them. Reviewers have heavily criticized the game, although Sony's competitor, Xbox, hit back at some reviewers for complaining about the title's learning curve. Sony, on the other hand, is paying attention to players, as they should: if a game is crashing the console, there is a serious issue with it. At this point, BioWare's reputation is at stake and Anthem has resulted in the company losing respect from its fans.

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Source: Reddit

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