Anthem's Newest Patch's Nerfs Were Actually Just Bugs

Anthem Update Nerf Bugs

Anthem just can't catch a break with its patches. The latest patch, Anthem update 1.03, introduced several changes that weren't detailed in the patch notes, including new components and several nerfs made to weapons. As it turns out, though, the nerfs were just bugs that were unintentionally coded in during the patch, and will have to be addressed in a newer patch later.

Anthem's update 1.03 was supposed to usher in the beginning of significant change for EA and BioWare's much-maligned looter shooter. The patch addressed issues like the PS4 console crashing that became a hot button topic before it was confirmed the devices weren't being bricked, as well as the damage bug that had caused a level 1 rifle to become the most powerful weapon in the game. Those fixes, plus changes to the game's frustrating respawn system, were supposed to be the launching point for a more refined Anthem experience.

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Instead, users have been burdened with yet another incidental problem - Anthem's newest patch has created a nerf bug that is affecting its items and abilities. So far, players have managed to find a number of different problems with the game's content, with more details coming as the patch continues to be explored. Here's a list of what players have found at this point, courtesy of PCGamer:

  • Special Arms damage component changed from 30% to 15%.
  • Epic Special Arms Ammo Universal component changed from 30% to 15%.
  • Truth of Tarsis crit multiplier changing.
  • Winter's Wrath (Ice Storm) ability damage is incorrect.
  • Chaotic Rime (Ice Shards) damage is incorrect.
  • Amulet of Winter damage reduced from 40% to 20%.
  • Winter's Wrath recharge was increased to 5 from 4.


BioWare has already stated that none of these changes were intentional and that they will be addressed in an upcoming patch. The developer has also confirmed that the change in drop rate of masterwork embers from the game's harvesting nodes is also a bug that has either already been hotfixed or will be shortly. Anthem's community manager Darokaz addressed the missing notes on the game's subreddit:

"Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm reading through them all and sharing the reported bugs with the team."

As it stands now, none of the nerfs are particularly game-breaking, but it's another frustrating experience for a playerbase that has been through a lot of them already. Anthem's launch has quickly and notoriously become one of EA and BioWare's biggest failures, but a dedicated approach to fixing its problems has at least preserved a good chunk of the game's community for now. Testing their patience, which each of these awkward updates does, is going to wear them out quickly, though. EA and BioWare need a home run in terms of updates and fixes, and they need it quickly.

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Source: Anthem subreddit (via PCGamer)

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