Users Are Shredding Anthem on Reddit And Game Updates Aren't Helping

Anthem Update Bugs

Just when it looked like things were turning around, Anthem once again finds itself the target of its players' ire. Anthem's Update 1.03, which released just a few days ago, has brought with it a whole slew of new bugs and errors that are rendering the game difficult to play for even the most dedicated fans of EA and BioWare's newest title.

Update 1.03 was supposed to bring an end to many of the glitches that had plagued Anthem over the first few weeks of its release. The patch targeted issues with Anthem's weapon balancing that had caused its most basic, level one rifle to outperform its end-game counterparts, as well as the issues that were causing PS4s to crash while trying to play the game. Update 1.03 also introduced a new respawn system that did away with the restrictions that players had complained slowed the game down too much.

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Unfortunately for those who have stuck with Anthem through a brutal first month, BioWare's latest patch does little to assuage fears that the developer might not be able to fix the mess it has made. As of this writing, the top post on Anthem's subreddit is one that implores fans to be civil towards the game's developers while conceding that it is in "a bad place right now." Poor game design should never lead to developers being mistreated, and it's clear that there's a lot of negativity surrounding Anthem at the moment. Just take a look at a few of the top threads circulating after the introduction of Update 1.03:

Chad Robertson, the head of Live Service at BioWare, took the time to address the concerns over a loot drop system that was still being met with heavy criticism from fans after several iterations had been implemented in a short period of time:

Still, it's not a good look for Anthem, and that's not even considering the fact that Update 1.03 has introduced new bugs. Over on the subreddit's Patch Feedback/Discussion Thread, the top comments are pretty universally negative, and highlight some of the perceived issues from the community. Among those comments, people have identified that Quick Play mode is still broken, the freelancer talking bug with Matthias and others has persisted through the patch, infinite loading screens have returned, and spark dash is still unstable.

All in all, then, the patch that many were hopeful would begin the long process of converting Anthem into a fully functional, AAA game has not gone as planned. Anthem remains a buggy mess, one that seems to simply change its problems with every patch rather than make any progress, and it appears fans are beginning to lose their patience with a product they desperately want to love. With The Division 2 set to launch later this week and Destiny 2 on the cusp of more major content, the window may be closing on EA and BioWare to salvage what's left to save from Anthem's smoking, glitch-ridden Javelin.

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