Anthem Launch Trailer Released; Game Saves Carry Over To Next-Gen Xbox & PS5

Anthem Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for BioWare's Anthem reveals more about the upcoming online multiplayer, as well as how players can carry over saves to the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation 5. From a visual and technical perspective, it offers a deep dive into the game's suits and shows a bit more of how Javelins work.

While ScreenRant's own review of Anthem was unsure about the longevity of the idea, EA is doing its best to prove any naysayers wrong. Players already knew that Anthem was going to be visually stunning, but the latest trailer highlights this further. Although some might think it's a little early for a launch trailer, Anthem isn't holding back with its marketing campaign. The additional specs only add to the intrigue.

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Posting on Twitter, BioWare's Chad Robertson also confirmed save files will be transferred when upgrading consoles. When one fan asked if this would be the case, Robertson simply replied, "Always..." As for the trailer, the action-packed video starts with the warning, "You are the chosen few, protectors of our world," in relation to the game's Freelancer characters. Things move at a quick pace, but the trailer shows off an impressive array of Javelin powers.

With Anthem future-proofing itself, it's a clever way to assure the title's ongoing future. With Sony and Microsoft both looking at their next-gen consoles, the likes of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are nearing the end of their life cycles. While this could be a problem for some titles releasing this year, Anthem promises to follow players into the new era of consoles.

Considering BioWare's plans to keep new content coming to Anthem and expand the story beyond a main campaign, the game needed to ready itself for the PS5 and Xbox ScarlettEven if there are a few too many Destiny comparisons, Anthem seems determined to make a name for itself in the multiplayer market. In fact, BioWare has already tweaked the game to make it more like Destiny because it's "what players want."

Whatever Anthem may be, BioWare has told fans that it isn't a classic MMO or a multiplayer with a story bolted on the side. Developers have already described the game as something completely new. Anyone who owns EA's Origin Access Premier service will get to play Anthem on February 15, but for everyone else, the full game won't drop until February 22. Hopefully, some of the teething problems that have emerged in the demo will have been worked out by then; and it's a good thing the trailer has arrived at just the right time to pique interest in Anthem.

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