Infographic: Every Ability For Anthem's 4 Javelins

Anthem Javelins

With the public release of BioWare's Anthem right around the corner, one player put together a handy infographic detailing the specific classes of Javelins in the game, as well as each Javelin's unique abilities. Javelins are the exosuits that players control within the game, with each exosuit coming with its own unique set of skills and weapons. Although players begin the game with the Ranger Javelin, they can change their exosuit later in the game.

BioWare has longtime plans for Anthem: Not only will the game release on the current generation of consoles, but the company has already made sure that Anthem game saves from those consoles will work on the next generation, too. Initial story details about the title emerged in June 2018, detailing a world created by gods, but left unfinished. Those gods left behind their tools of creation, which are, naturally, sought out by various factions within the game, notably the Dominion, an evil organization who wants to claim the Anthem of Creation to destroy the world. In the primary campaign, players will take on in-game missions that will have them getting into their Javelins to explore the world to find a way to stop the Dominion.

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There are a total of four Javelins available in the game: the Ranger, the Colossus, the Storm and the Interceptor. Players will choose a suit based on their preferred gameplay style, with each suit having its own abilities. Reddit user FireDragon04 created a chart to explain the different kinds of Javelins with lists of each suits' abilities.

Anthem Javelins and Abilities

Once players get through the main campaign of Anthem, BioWare has a few vague plans for the game's endgame. Not only will the company continue to release content for Anthem, but players will have the opportunity to play at higher difficulty levels, as well as complete Contracts, including the tough Legendary Contracts. BioWare will continue to add daily, weekly and monthly challenges, as well as have world events called Cataclysms. Social hubs are also available to players who want to connect with others, a feature that came after BioWare received feedback from players about wanting it.

Although Anthem's release schedule is still leaving players confused, BioWare is hopeful that players will sign on for the ambitious MMORPG. Fortunately, the company's success doesn't hinge on the game's success, but after the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare could really use a win now.

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Source: FireDragon04

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