Another Anthem Glitch Discovered That Lets Players Buff And Infinitely Heal

Anthem Invincibility Glitch

Anthem has been broken once more, and this time players have discovered a way to make the Storm Javelin generate infinite health, essentially making it invincible. The glitch was discovered alongside another game-breaking one involving damage calculation, and while one was implemented after the game released its most recent 1.0.3 patch this past Saturday, one may have been in the game for a while now.

Anthem's Update 1.0.3 had already caused some problems prior to players discovering this latest batch of glitches. The latest Anthem update nerfed some items and abilities without intending to do so, and also briefly teased players with what has now been referred to as the "lootshower" bug before taking it away with a hotfix, reducing loot rates back to a ratio that upset the playerbase again. To BioWare's credit, Anthem's latest update did address some major issues, removing the PS4 crashing bug and the weapon damage scaling that saw a level 1 rifle briefly become the best weapon in the game.

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Unfortunately, those few bright spots have quickly been overshadowed by even more glitches, some of which are game-breaking. The first, which was discovered by redditor MustacheSwagBag, is a bug that provides an infinite supply of health to players using the Storm Javelin. When playing the Storm, players simply need to swap weapons just before triggering their ultimate ability, canceling it. That cancelation will fully restore health and shields, though, alongside resetting the cooldown on the jetpack. The bug is easy to pull off, and is demonstrated here in a video courtesy of PCGamer:


The second glitch is once again related to damage scaling, and was discovered by a redditor named Gaidax. In the thread, Gaidax explains that unequipping low level gear and not replacing it makes players more powerful rather than less. The new patch apparently scales the damage of your abilities and melee hits based on the average level of all a player's items. The new calculation doesn't factor in an empty slot as a zero toward that score, though, and instead removes the item from the calculation altogether.

It's another frustrating series of discoveries for a fanbase that has been taxed relentlessly by EA and BioWare's inability to morph Anthem into a playable game. In the seemingly never-ending saga of Anthem bugs and fixes, the only constant is the disappointment players who just want to enjoy some of the game's admittedly great features consistently feel. While Anthem continues to chug along, it feels like something desperately needs to change, and soon.

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Source: Reddit (2), PCGamer

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