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Anthem can be daunting to new players. It's a game that rewards people for adapting to the style that BioWare intended, and squad-based combat is a priority in virtually every design element present within the world of Anthem. Even those familiar with Destiny, the closest point of comparison for Anthem, will find the game's focus on both a horizontal and vertical axes during combat and exploration takes some getting used to.

Beyond that, however, there's a lot about Anthem that isn't explained during the game's introductory moments. Players diving into the new Javelin classes, their roles, and the game's mixture of story and freeplay content will inevitably encounter some misadventure along the way. There's a lot to digest, but those who are interested in performing well in Anthem can employ a wide range of tips and tricks to get an edge.

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Learning how to maximize efficiency during questing and group play, the best character abilities, gearing, and more are all crucial in having an enjoyable time with Anthem. That might seem like a lot of information to process, but those looking to succeed early on don't need to worry - this guide from Screen Rant will make the transition virtually painless, and players will be piloting a geared out Javelin into Anthem's end-game in no time.

Anthem Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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The bulk of what players will be doing in Anthem is combat. Learning the ins and outs of combat is essential to performing well in a team setting, and even more important for solo players, who will have to play pretty close to flawlessly if they want to maintain their lone wolf attitude. Anthem is a fair game at its core, though, and those who put the time in to learn how its gameplay systems work will be rewarded with a more robust experience.

  • Work Together - If you're playing in a group, you're already advantaged. Anthem is explicitly designed to support and encourage teamwork. Early on, players won't have access to the wide swath of abilities that make them a dangerous solo presence, so unity is especially important at early levels. Team composition isn't as important as targeting down the same enemy, making sure to position each other away from danger, and having a cohesive gameplan.
  • Don't Solo Queue Early - Again, Anthem is about teams. The early game can be extremely punishing for someone tackling it on their own, as it doesn't appear that Anthem scales in difficulty with each team member added. That's nice for four-person teams, but it means that solo queues are long, grindy, and frustrating. Don't put your early missions on Private, and embrace the matchmaking Anthem offers. You'll be put with players looking to finish the same mission even if there's a massive level discrepancy.
  • Use Your Jetpack (Yes, Even That Specific Time You Thought You Shouldn't) - The vertical axis of Anthem's gameplay is when it's at its most fun and effective. Enemies will typically clog the ground, and there's a lot of trouble waiting for those who stand in one place for too long. Take to the skies, and don't be afraid to hover above the battlefield while taking pot shots at enemies!
  • Ability Cooldowns Are Quick, So Abuse Them Often - Sometimes, games will force players to micromanage their more powerful abilities, punishing them for using them too early with lengthy cooldowns that can be crippling. Anthem is not one of those games. Gear abilities cooldown very quickly, so get in the habit of monitoring when they're ready to be used again. Each class has a rhythm, and gear abilities do way more damage than regular guns, so use them early and often. You can't take them with you when you die!
  • Trash Mobs Are There For A Reason - During intense early fights, players will have the option of trying to focus down elite or better enemies - they're basically the bosses of the instance they're in, with more HP and better damage output. Ignoring the trash mobs might seem like a good idea, but they're actually there for the player's benefit. They'll frequently drop ammo and health recovery buffs, which can be crucial in final skirmishes. If you're running low on health, instead of running for cover and letting shields recharge, there's also the option of trying to burst down some weaker enemies for a quick heal to get you back into the fight faster.

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  • Ultimates Are Game Breakers (And Life Savers) - Managing a Javelin's ultimate is a little trickier, but don't forget to employ those abilities when they're up and the team is in a tight spot. Ultimates are designed to work in both group fights or to burst a boss down. Popping an Ultimate also heals a player to full once they come out of it, so in a pinch, an Ultimate can be the difference between life and death during a fight when healing isn't immediately available.
  • Visit The Forge After Every Mission - Anthem is pretty generous with the way its loot works. After every mission, players will typically find themselves inundated with new loot. While there usually aren't any drastic upgrades, there's usually at least one per mission, and they all add up. Make a habit of visiting the Forge, looking through your equipment, and disassembling what you don't need for spare parts.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Craft Gear Every New Level - Anthem's crafting materials are also abundant, at least in their common and uncommon forms. Luckily, that's all players need to remain geared for each new challenge, since crafting recipes scale to level and will allow players to choose the weapon they want.
  • Use Your Favorite Weapon - Using the gun players find the most exciting will gradually unlock better recipes for said gun through achievements. For instance, using a Vengeance shotgun and killing a bunch of Elites with it will eventually unlock its uncommon or rare recipe, which will in turn boast better stats. For those unwilling to dive too deeply into Anthem's very demanding and grindy end-game, this system should work.
  • When You Get To Tombs of the Legionnaires, Do It Solo - Trust us on this one. Achievements aren't shared by members of a party, and until it is, don't try to to tackle these sub-missions with extra party members. It's a book-keeping nightmare.

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