Anthem Fortress of Dawn Guide: How to Complete All Three Trials

Anthem General Tarsis

Anthem's quests begin to heat up toward the end of its story mode. Although there's still the odd collection quest inexplicably thrown into the middle of a heated fight for existence, most of the final hours of the game are spent preparing for what could be the end of everything. At least, we think. Anthem's story doesn't really make that very clear.

Luckily, a hit-or-miss story doesn't detract from the enrapturing nature of Anthem's very best adventures. Fortress of Dawn might be the best of that bunch, gifting players with a great story beat, two challenging combat scenarios, and a glimpse into the world's history that comes far too infrequently. When it comes to showcasing exactly what Anthem at its most ambitious would look like, Fortress of Dawn has it all, including a look at the best Javelin in Anthem.

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Of course, it's also one of the harder missions in the game, clocking in at about a half hour for completion and featuring some of the most difficult encounters possible. Luckily, player who are prepared for the three trials that away them in Fortress of Dawn will have a much easier go of things. That's why Screen Rant has compiled a guide that will assist Freelancers in their search to tame the Cenotaph and liberate Anthem from the looming spectre of the Dominion. Read on, but be warned: there are some serious spoilers present in this mission, so proceed with caution.

Entering the Fortress of Dawn

Anthem Crew

Once players have begun the mission, they'll be given a waypoint that takes them to the Fortress of Dawn. It's impossible to miss - it's a gigantic, sprawling fortress that is visible from a great distance away. Unfortunately, the Dominion will already have forces waiting for the player once they arrive. There's not much to worry about here, but keep in mind that there will be some turrets set up looking to bar the Freelancer entry into the structure. Take out the turrets first to avoid any unpleasant surprises, then proceed further up the temple stairs.

Once players clear the first wave of Dominion forces, they'll discover that the enemy has set up five anchors around the outside of the Fortress. These anchors fuel the gate that continuously spawns Dominion soldiers into the area. Simply move around the map in a circle, targeting the anchors as they appear. Once that's done, focus down the gate, then deal with whatever stragglers are present. Once these tasks are completed, the player will receive a prompt to enter the Fortress of Dawn and begin their march toward the Javelin of Dawn.

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Trial of Might

Once inside, players will hear the voice of Arden Vassa, another legendary Freelancer who was part of the same forces that General Tarsis belonged to. The disembodied voice of Vassa warns players that they will face hardship if they wish to recover the legendary Javelin within the Fortress. Simply place the Signet recovered during the Tomb of General Tarsis quest into the slot just in front of the statue of Vassa to progress the quest.

Once the cutscene is over and the player finds themselves within a completely new space, they'll be immediately find themselves face to face with an Ancient Ash Titan. Titans are the most powerful non-unique enemies in Anthem's main story, and they pack an incredible punch. Standing toe-to-toe with them is a recipe for disaster, so be sure to keep a safe distance away.

The Titan will range between several different attacks. It can summon Ash Elementals, who are immune to fire damage. Focus on these adds when they spawn or else they'll swarm Freelancers and hinder their movement, leaving them open to some of the Titans other attacks. The Ash Elementals also serve as a continued resource for health, which will be important if players are hit by any of the Titans stronger attacks. Those involve a charged laser that hits exceptionally hard, but can be dodged using rolls and boosts away, and rings of energy that spawn from the Titan and move outward. Those rings are limited by the Titan's body, though, so simply walking down the ramp at the start of the map will shield players from the rings any time the Titan moves to use them.

To take down the Titan, focus on its hands when they're glowing to prepare for its attacks. That'll deal weak point damage. Otherwise, chip away at the creature's massive health pool and play conservatively. Even four player teams can struggle with this one, since the map is pretty cramped in places and the trash mobs are aggressive. Slow and steady will win the day, and once the Titan falls, players will find themselves back in the Fortress.

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