Anthem E3 Trailer & Release Date Revealed

BioWare's Anthem has been in the works for some time, but finally, fans of the developer's works have been able to get a much better look at the game courtesy of a more expansive trailer at E3 2018. The studio has been best known for its work on story-driven RPGs, with the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series two of BioWare's most recent accomplishments.

However, Anthem has always looked to be a very different beast to those previous entries from the studio. The game's first gameplay footage showcased something of a departure, with multiplayer gameplay and freeflowing action seemingly being promoted over the developer's previous emphasis on narrative and dialogue. Although some long-term fans were concerned about the changes, nonetheless many were intrigued to see what BioWare had planned, particularly after Anthem was pushed to 2019.

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Now, would-be Anthem players have been able to get their most comprehensive look at the game so far, thanks to publisher EA's conference at E3 2018. This means that gamers have been able to get a much better idea of how Anthem will function, but perhaps more importantly a promised look at the game's plot and characters, which no doubt gives some much-needed perspective to those with some serious questions about the project. The full trailer can be seen above, and the game releases on consoles and PC on February 22, 2019.

Anthem trailer

The trailer itself gave some cryptic hints towards the world of Anthem, which definitely puts a greater light on what players can expect from the game world in question. In the trailer, one of the characters suggests that the "gods vanished and left our world in chaos," leading to a constantly shifting world full of dangers and those last refuges unlikely to last permanently. That's where the player - and their multiplayer allies - come in.

It definitely makes the game look like a serious departure from BioWare's previous entries, with an outside world that effectively acts as a dangerous wilderness. In the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, in spite of the challenges that those worlds provided, there were still plenty of pockets of civilization, and for some gamers those elements of world building were among the most interesting parts of the franchises.

With that in mind, Anthem definitely looks as though BioWare is stepping out of its comfort zone a little, both with its story and its more action-heavy gameplay. There's still some time until the game releases in February 2019, and so between now and then be sure to look out for more details.

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