Anthem Players Are Declaring The Game Dead

Anthem Dead Game

Anthem fans are beginning to unify in their opinion of the game, and it's not looking pretty — a recent post on the game's subreddit has declared the game dead, and garnered over 8000 upvotes from its users. Anthem's updates have been an issue since the game launched, but a recent statement from EA and BioWare recently left fans feeling particularly pessimistic about the game's future after it was referred to as an "early access release," a term that had never been applied to the title prior to the acknowledgment its progress had been slower than expected.

The disappointment surrounding Anthem stems from far more than just an exploitative label, however. Early during the game's multi-faceted launch, Anthem was plagued by connection issues, imbalanced loot drops, and a weird coding issue that was causing PlayStation 4s to shut down while trying to run the game. While many of those initial problems have been fixed, Anthem's loot has remained a contentious issue for the game's community, especially after several updates somehow made Anthem's loot problems worse than they had been previously. Anthem players have seen their patience tested constantly over its first few months, and they may have finally reached a breaking point.

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In a post on Anthem's subreddit, a user named Trask10100 launched into a lengthy rant about the game's current viability, suggesting that everyone consider the fact they should probably "just end this now." The post might seem melodramatic at first glance, but there's a lot of meat to the argument being presented, especially given the facts being offered about Anthem's Twitch viewership, which apparently has seen the title become less popular than Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom. Here's a sample of the post, with a full version of it available to read on the next page of this article:

"Give up, please. The game is dead. It's not worth waiting for anymore. I mean, what are we honestly waiting for anyway? The next Realm Reborn? The next No Man's Sky? You're just hurting yourself now. It may happen, but it'll take a good year for it to happen at this rate. Please, just do yourself a favor and remove yourself from the negative stuff. Leave Anthem behind and let it be it's[sic] bad self all by it's[sic] lonesome. It'll make you feel better and hey, maybe someday down the line it'll be worth returning to without costing you a thing."

Anthem Early Access Content Delay

The post references the fact that Anthem hasn't really received a positive update since its release, with each one bringing its own set of problems that overshadow whatever was initially fixed. On top of that, a major point of contention for many has been BioWare's inability to fix loot despite having two months now to get it right. Other points, like the community being burnt out and naturally being inclined to lean toward negativity at this point, are all valid as well, making the post a nice summary of everything that's gone wrong with Anthem since its release.

Of course, these are just the opinions of fans — not everyone believes Anthem is dead, and BioWare certainly seems committed to keeping the game alive, both in the short- and long-term. The problem is that BioWare has been making the same promises for over two months, and nothing has come from them. Perhaps, like Trask10100 says, it's better to just leave the game for now and hope that, further down the line, it is revitalized and worth returning to. For now, Anthem's problems aren't going away, and the community is quickly giving up on EA and BioWare's flawed but ambitious project.

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Source: Trask10100

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