BioWare Adds Damage Number Toggle To Anthem Following Backlash

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Gamers interested in Anthem but unhappy about the title's gameplay footage including damage counters can rest a little easier, as BioWare has confirmed that players will have the option to turn them off. The game has had a major showing of late, including being a core part of EA's E3 2018 press conference, but not everyone was happy with the gameplay details and videos that included damage number displays.

Although it's perhaps not the most heinous crime to include this as part of the game's display, it's caught the ire of some of those interested in the game. Had it been a mandatory part of Anthem's design, it would have further encapsulated just how different the title is from the BioWare games that had come before it, a step further towards multiplayer action over rich storytelling. Anthem may be fun, but it's a significant departure from BioWare's usual fare.

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However, this particular sticking point from Anthem's E3 showing is not going to be a permanent one. Over on Twitter, Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah was on hand to talk directly about the issue of a damage number toggle, or in his own words the "Damage Floaties." Darrah referred users to a menu screenshot, which clearly showed that the damage display can be toggled on or off based on player preference.

Editor note: Thanks to our own Rob Keyes for calling this out during E3:

This will come as good news to some of those that had been following the game, as the damage floaties have become something of a major talking point, and for some a humorous reference to make when talking about Anthem as a whole. Thankfully, BioWare seems to have responded well to the criticism it received and has made changes based on that feedback, although Darrah stands by the decision to showcase footage with the damage displays in the first place. The response to the change from fans has been positive, too - although many have now requested that the notifiers are called "floaties" in the final version of the game.

It's not the only time that Darrah has spoken out via social media about the development of Anthem, either. Previously, the executive producer had gone to Twitter to answer questions from fans directly. As part of these sessions, Darrah even revealed some major details about the game, including the fact that BioWare currently has no plans for cross-play.

Keeping up this level of transparency, and a reflexive approach to player feedback, will go a long way to making Anthem a must-have game when it arrives in February of next year. As it stands, the title is launching in a very tough window, but BioWare will be expecting that its clout and the strength behind the title will make it a must-have for gamers everywhere.

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Source: Mark Darrah

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