Anthem Community Manager Issues Heartfelt Open Letter To Fans

Anthem Community Manager Heartfelt Letter

Anthem's community manager has posted a heartfelt letter in response to a fan letter that has gained a lot of traction on the game's subreddit. Darokaz, the community manager, took the time to address each point that was made in an effort to clarify BioWare's stance on Anthem moving forward, and the response has been largely positive.

Anthem has had an extremely rough go as of late, with several planned updates doing more harm than good. Update 1.0.3 notoriously broke more parts of the game than it seemed to fix, addressing the PS4 console crashing issue that had been a menace after launch but accidentally causing a gear calculation bug. This was directly after a different weapon damage bug that briefly made a level 1 rifle the best weapon in the game. Naturally, the community has felt as though the developer has yet to learn from the issues that have plagued the game since launch, and the open letter posted to the Anthem subreddit is a result of that sentiment.

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To their credit, Darokaz handled the community letter, which aggressively picked apart Anthem's current state, with the kind of deftness and kindness that can help defuse ugly situations like the one brewing in the game's playerbase. Darokaz first thanked the user for writing the letter in the first place, and acknowledged that the honesty in the Anthem community was something they respected. Darokaz then went on to address nearly every point in the fan letter, taking the time to break down their perspective on the situation whenever possible. Here's a sample, and if you're interested in the full letter, we've included it in its entirety on page 2 of this article:

"I want to thank this community for everything. The team is listening to all of your feedback for Anthem on how you’d like to see the game improve, or how you’d like to see us engage with the community differently. I know that players want to see updates faster, but these things can take time to make sure they are done right. We’re very appreciative of this community and look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Strong Alone, Stronger Together."

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Darokaz closed the letter by thanking the community, too, avoiding any negative connotations or assertions about how the Anthem fanbase has behaved over the past month. For as many issues as BioWare has had with the game itself, the developer has remained refreshingly transparent and honest about how it is moving forward with Anthem, and that includes responses like Darokaz's.

Unfortunately, though, however well Darokaz and the rest of BioWare's staff are navigating current fan ire, the issue is really with why that resentment exists in the first place. Anthem has been glitchy and incomplete for far too long post-launch than is reasonable, and despite clearly having a great team of people behind it, at some point the game needs to deliver the results fans are expecting. That window of time, if the original fan letter is any indication, appears to be closing quickly for EA and BioWare.

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