Anthem's Cataclysm Releases With New Loot And Drop Rate Increases


BioWare has finally released the Cataclysm update for Anthem, which includes new loot and drop rate increases. This update comes after PC players got a peek at the event on Anthem's public test server. That Anthem PTS recently closed down, leading many to speculate that Cataclysm was finally ready to make its way to the main game.

Anthem has seen its share of criticism. Since its release, the game has frustrated players with game-breaking bugs and promised features that were never delivered, along with a host of other problems. Players consistently complained about loot issues, which seemed to get steadily worse with every update BioWare released for the game. As problems continued to plague Anthem, player numbers began to drop off, to the point that many were declaring that Anthem was as good as dead.

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However, BioWare and publisher EA remain committed to Anthem. EA announced the release of the much-anticipated Cataclysm update, which features the Cataclysm event, along with many new features and bug fixes. The 12 GB download of the update will now greet players who log into the game. The Cataclysm opens up a new story mission, as well as introduces an entirely new area on Anthem's map. This area will allow players to participate in activities that can earn loot and in-game money. This loot includes three new weapons, as well as other new gear and items. More importantly, the game has killed luck as a stat and now gives drop rates to players as if they all previously had 100 percent luck.

Anthem Fort Tarsis

The latest Anthem update also fixes many bugs and glitches, including those that have plagued players throughout the game's lifespan. The only issue that BioWare may not be able to fix, though, is the lack of Anthem players. So many have already left the game that it makes it difficult for other players to team up to complete missions and participate in activities. A survey of Anthem players recently revealed that nearly half had already left the game as of April 2019, with many planning on following suit.

Despite Anthem bleeding players, BioWare has previously stated that it has no current plans to give up on the title. EA also seems to believe that Anthem will eventually become a game worth playing. However, "eventually" may not cut it when it comes to earning back player trust. Cataclysm is a good step in the right direction, but many might argue that it's a case of too little, too late.

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