Ant-Man & The Wasp Trailer Breakdown: 22 Secrets You Missed

Marvel Studios have released the second trailer for Ant-Man & the Wasp. Here's what the trailer reveals about the next superhero blockbuster.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer 2 Breakdown

The new trailer for Ant-Man & the Wasp is out, revealing a lot about the next MCU movie - details we're going to break down here. 2018 is proving to be a record-breaking year for Marvel Studios. Black Panther is actually still showing at some cinemas, with a current gross of over $1.3 billion in the global box office, while the newly-released Avengers: Infinity War, meanwhile, had a $640 million opening weekend. Next on the slate is Ant-Man & the Wasp, which promises to show just what Scott Lang and his friends have been up to over the last few years.

Set in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, the film sees the Pyms on the run from the FBI. Meanwhile, Scott's decision to side with Captain America has had real consequences for his whole family; he's under house arrest. But events will spiral out of control, as a new supervillain - the Ghost - uses Quantum Realm technology to wreak havoc.

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The second trailer follows in the footsteps of the first, revisiting some of the key scenes. Although Michelle Pfeiffer's Wasp makes a brief appearance, it's in a flashback, so Marvel clearly still have some major surprises in store. But there's a lot still revealed.

22. Cassie Lang Teases Avengers 4

Ant-Man and the Wasp Scott and Cassie Lang

Scott Lang may consider himself to be something of a screw-up when it comes to superheroics, but his daughter has a different opinion. "I wish I could fight bad guys, like you," Cassie declares. In the comics, Cassie grew up in the shadow of superheroes - she was close enough to the Avengers to call Iron Man "Uncle Tony." After her father's tragic death, she actually became a superhero in her own right; Cassie has operated under a wide range of different aliases, from Stature to Ant-Girl, and has been a mainstay in Marvel's popular Young Avengers team.

It's possible that Cassie will ultimately achieve her dream in the MCU. Avengers 4 has cast Emma Fuhrmann as the teenage Cassie Lang, suggesting both a time jump and an increased role for Scott's daughter. We already know Ant-Man and Wasp will join Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but could another shrinking hero take on Thanos too?

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21. Ant-Man Again

In the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, many of the heroes decided to stick with Cap. Scott Lang and Clint Barton, however, headed back to their families. According to Avengers: Infinity War, they signed plea bargains and wound up under a form of house arrest. It seems that, under the terms of these agreements, both heroes have been forced to abandon their superhero identities; per the trailer, Scott Lang hasn't been Ant-Man for quite some time.

But, of course, Scott has always been more than a little reckless, so it was always going to be a matter of time before he suited up again. And despite that plea bargain, the trailer doesn't exactly make it look as though Scott and his friends will be flying under the radar.

So far, there's been no real indication of just when Ant-Man & the Wasp is set. It's clearly after Civil War, but the movie could be any time up to Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, Marvel teased this new trailer with a simple question: Where were Ant-Man and Wasp? That means it's actually possible that this is happening at the very same time as Infinity War.

20. A Massive Car Chase To Catch Sonny Burch

Walton Goggins in Ant-Man and the Wasp

The trailer opens with Ant-Man riding a truck in pursuit of some thugs. Scott has used his size-changing powers to grow to a larger-than-life size, and climbs on the back of a truck, using his feet to pursue the hoodlums. The contemptuous ease with which (Gi)Ant-Man deals with a guy with a gun - flicking it away with a finger - is perfectly in-character. Unfortunately, Ant-Man's heroism goes wrong. He winds up struggling to bring the truck to a stop, with his feet tearing apart the road. "I seem to mess it up almost every time," Lang admits to his daughter.

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But who is Ant-Man pursuing? Look closely and you'll see Walton Goggins's Sonny Burch inside the car, with Hank Pym's building on his lap. This we've seen a lot of this extended chase scene in the marketing for Ant-Man & the Wasp, and it appears that the building and Burch are the focus of it.

19. Wasp In Action

Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Part of that car chase involves an absolutely stunning action bear involving the Wasp, giving a sense of just good a fighter Janet must be. In-universe, it's clear Wasp has been honing her skills for quite some time, and has essentially developed her own unique fighting style; a combination of agile martial arts with size-changing stunts.

One particularly cool move is the ease with which Wasp moves from the back of the car to the front, building up momentum to spin through the windows and smash into the car's driver. This is definitely no damsel in distress.

18. Luis Is Going Up In The World

Ant-Man and the Wasp Luis

Michael Pena's Luis was one of the most popular characters in the first Ant-Man, and it seems he plays a major role in the sequel. Luis is shown as CEO of a company, one the Pyms go to for help in their battle against the Ghost. It looks as though Scott is working for Luis, meaning the company he runs is presumably the "X-Con" security firm teased in recent set photos. That idea is lifted from a recent comic book run, where Scott started a business called Ant-Man Security Solutions.

17. Pym Travels to the Quantum Realm

Ant-Man introduced the concept of the Quantum Realm, a dimension that could only be entered by shrinking to a subatomic size. This was described as "a reality where all concepts of time and space are irrelevant." Decades ago, Hank Pym's wife, Janet Van Dyne, was lost to the Quantum Realm; Pym had believed this meant she was dead, until Scott Lang proved it was possible to return from this mysterious dimension.

Reinvigorated by this, Pym has clearly devoted all his wealth and technology to exploring the Quantum Realm. He's created a Jack-Kirby-esque vehicle that he uses to safely enter the dimension, vaguely reminiscent of designs used by the Fantastic Four to explore the Negative Zone in the comics. We know Pym's quest will ultimately be successful, and that Janet Van Dyne will somehow return to Earth. But that particular part of the plot remains shrouded in mystery.

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