Ant-Man and the Wasp Gets New Story Details & Images

New plot details for Ant-Man and The Wasp reveal the team's mission to rescue Janet van Dyne. One of the biggest questions that emerged from Peyton Reed's Ant-Man in 2015 was the fate of Hank Pym's (Michael Douglas) wife, Janet van Dyne. Janet went subatomic to take out a missile in the 1980s, and as a result, she ended up being stuck in the Quantum Realm. Hank and his daughter, Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), believed Janet was lost forever; that is, until Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) was able to come back from the Quantum Realm.

It was well expected that Ant-Man 2 would deal with Janet's fate in a more prominent way, which was confirmed when Michelle Pfeiffer was cast in the role as the original Wasp. While the first Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer didn't show Janet, it did tease a mission to rescue Wasp. That mission has now been confirmed to play an integral role in the sequel.

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EW released new details and images for Ant-Man and The Wasp that sheds more light on their hopeful rescue. The outlet confirmed that the search for Janet is a big piece of the sequel, and even got Lilly to comment on the mystery as well as Hope's mindset. Additionally, EW released two new images of Ant-Man and Wasp together (below).

Scott entered the Quantum Realm in the first film and came back, which is something they thought was impossible. The question has arisen, ‘Can Janet come back?’ So the entire film, my character is hell-bent on finding a way to get into the Quantum Realm and bring her back.

Knowing with absolute certainty that Janet van Dyne is at the heart of the sequel isn't terribly shocking, but does clear things up. Considering Ant-Man had a strong focus on father-daughter relationships, the fact that they're continuing to explore familial ties fits with this particular Marvel series. Plus, with her being a big part of the movie, there's a decent chance fans will get to see more of the original Wasp in action.

It doesn't appear as though Pfeiffer will only have a presence in Ant-Man and The Wasp either. Evidence continues to mount that she'll also appear in Anthony and Joe Russo's Avengers 4, especially since Sebastian Stan detailed an Avengers scene involving Pfieffer and Douglas. That likely means that the rescue attempt is successful. But, with the plot of Avengers 4 still very much unclear, there's quite a few ways for her to be in the movie, though not necessarily as the same version audiences meet this summer. With Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, it won't be too much longer before Ant-Man and The Wasp gets more attention and a new trailer - which could finally reveal Pfeiffer's Janet/Wasp.

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Source: EW

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