Ant-Man and the Wasp Set Photos Reunite Hope, Hank & Scott

Scott Lang, Hank Pym, and Hope Van Dyne gather once again for a secret new mission as the principal cast of Ant-Man, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly were all spotted on the set of Ant-Man and The Wasp. Following their world-saving antics in the first film from the Marvel sub-franchise, the gang's all back together as they try to solve the unanswered mysteries from the past - presumably something that involved the disappearance of Janet Van Dyne, who will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer. But things will not progress as smoothly as they hoped as Scott is haunted by his decisions and actions in Captain America: Civil War

Principal photography for Ant-Man and the Wasp just recently kicked off at the start of the month with several original cast members expected to be back. Aside from the main trio, Judy Greer (Maggie Lang), Michael Pena (Luis) and Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) are all geared up to reprise their respective roles while newcomers like Laurence Fishburne (Dr. Bill Foster), Walton Goggins (Sonny Burch) and Randall Park (Jimmy Woo) will be making their big MCU debut via the film.

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The set photos arrive from Just Jared with the website nabbing shots of Rudd, Douglas, and Lilly on the set of Ant-Man and The Wasp in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday afternoon. While Rudd and Douglas appeared to be in their normal Scott Lang and Hank Pym garb, Lilly was just sporting a tank top, a pair of airy pants with her hair casually in a low ponytail - a look very different to how her character dresses. This could be an indication that the actress is getting cozy in her superhero costume which we first got a glimpse of by the end of Ant-Man.

We have new photos of Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, & Michael Douglas on the #AntManandtheWasp set today!

— (@JustJared) August 11, 2017

Additionally, the actress also took to her social media account to give fans an update as to how the production of the Marvel property has been going. Lilly posted a short clip of herself on Twitter enjoying ice cream which she says is a reward for surviving and successfully finishing her first week of filming.

Reward for my first week of filming in the can! #sweettreat #cooldown #georgia #beattheheat #antmanandthewasp #Wasp

— Evangeline Lilly (@EvangelineLilly) August 11, 2017

Over the last few days, various information from the set has made its way to the internet, including a supposed filming location that could link Ant-Man and the Wasp directly to the still untitled (and currently filming) Avengers 4. Meanwhile, a separately reported casting call has revealed that the movie is looking to get some extras to play prisoners and prison guards, which leads us to believe that there will be a jail sequence in the much-anticipated sequel.

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