Ant-Man & The Wasp Stars Reveal Where They Were During Infinity War

Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers Infinity War

The stars of Ant-Man and The Wasp reveal where they were during Avengers: Infinity War - and maybe they were there. The Marvel Cinematic Universe crossed over like never before when Thanos arrived for Infinity War. Heroes from several different franchises all came together to try and stop the Mad Titan. But, the only franchise that wasn't included was Ant-Man. Despite a sequel coming just a few months after, there was no sight of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) or Wasp (Evangeline Lilly).

The lack of the MCU's smallest (and sometimes biggest) heroes was quickly explained away during the movie, but fans still want to know exactly what was going on. Thankfully Ant-Man and The Wasp takes place prior to Infinity War so that question could be answered soon. But, it just may be possible that both heroes were there and we just didn't see them.

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During an interview with NDTV, Rudd and Lilly were asked straight up what they were up to as Thanos was wiping out half of the galaxy. While Rudd's initial response was to acknowledge how good of a question that was, he pointed to Infinity War to explain. That is, until Lilly suggested they were actually doing their heroic duties.

Rudd: I remember going to see Infinity War and they do mention that I was under House Arrest and that I was not able to leave. There's a lot going on, a lot going on.

Lilly: For the record, I was there. I was just tiny.

Rudd: Well maybe I was too small and you just couldn't see me either. I feel like I just piggybacked on your joke there.

Ant-Man and the Wasp - Infinity War

Ant-Man and Wasp being involved in Infinity War is a bit of a running joke at this point. While it is possible that Ant-Man and The Wasp will directly deal with Infinity War's ending, that may be too big of a burden to place on it. More than likely, the upcoming sequel won't directly address what these two were doing in the several hours that Infinity War's events took place. But, it could very well be that they simply aren't actually revealing their whereabouts because of Avengers 4.

Set photos from the followup point to Ant-Man having a potentially major role to play. On the flip side, Lilly has said that Wasp only has a small role to play. Theories have already started that Wasp could be a casualty of Thanos' snap either as a heartbreaking ending to Ant-Man and The Wasp or shown during Avengers 4. Most would rather Marvel not take Wasp away just as she comes into her own, but that's exactly what they did with Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and more. Whatever the case may be, it won't be too long until we know for sure.

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Source: NDTV

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