Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost

We’ve known for a little while that Hannah John-Kamen would be one of a few new characters in Ant-Man 2, but Saturday’s reveal ratcheted up the excitement of the Black Mirror and Killjoys star joining the film. In the new movie, John-Kamen will be playing the morally ambiguous and mysterious Ghost.

First appearing in 1987’s Iron Man #219, almost nothing is known about the Ghost under their mask. Assumed to be male and self-reported to have once worked for a tech conglomerate, Ghost is a genius who invents a suit that enables the wearer to turn themselves and others invisible or intangible. Along with some high-tech weapons and a vast array of hacking tools, Ghost is something of a corporate espionage mercenary. The villain is also a crusader against corporate and political wrongdoing, enabling the Ghost to walk an interesting moral line. Ghost has even worked on the side of the angels, helping Luke Cage lead his iteration of the Thunderbolts in the comics.

By making Ghost the villain of Ant-Man & the Wasp, the character’s tech-based roots and mission to sabotage corporations will be able to be put to full effect. Add in the unique powers and terrifying costume, and Ghost will be every bit as memorable of a villain as Yellowjacket was.

Walter Goggins as Sonny Burch

Keeping the corporate villainy of Ant-Man alive will be Walter Goggins as Sonny Burch. Another character mostly associated with Iron Man, Burch first appeared in 2003 as an employee for Cross Technological Enterprises. As a relatively minor character from the comics, there’s no telling what his role will be. Still, with Goggins on board, we can expect an expansion of Burch as a character. With Darren Cross gone from this world, the more nefarious aspects of his business could be kept alive by Burch. He could even be the person who hires Ghost, possibly in a bid to get payback on Pym for tanking Cross’ company.

Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo

Given all the corporate espionage, it’s only a matter of time before the authorities step in. Randall Park will be playing fan-favorite Jimmy Woo, an FBI agent turned SHIELD operative from the comics. Given SHIELD’s iffy status in the movies, rumors have pointed towards Woo still being with the FBI in Ant-Man 2. Still, his inclusion in the MCU opens up a number of new avenues.

Jimmy Woo has a long history in the comics and marks one of the earliest examples of a positive depiction of an Asian-American in the medium. Debuting in 1956’s Yellow Claw #1 by Atlas Comics, the character was later folded into the Marvel stable when the former company became the later. Since his 1967 reintroduction in Strange Tales #160, Woo has had a number of wild adventures. Sadly, his time fighting Godzilla with Dum Dum Dugan won’t be appearing in the MCU, but his work with the Agents of Atlas might.

Pulling together decades of Marvel history, Agents of Atlas is a take on ‘60s globetrotting spy stories and paired Woo with characters like Gorilla-Man, Namora, and Marvel Boy. When we meet Woo in Ant-Man 2, he’ll likely just be beginning his journey. Park’s place in the MCU, however, has a lot of to expand in the future.


From the page to the screen, we’ll likely see these characters change a lot. Ant-Man worked so well, though, because it stood relatively alone from the rest of the MCU. By bringing so many prestigious actors aboard the sequel, fleshing out the history of Pym and van Dyne, and keeping the corporate espionage aspect alive, Ant-Man & the Wasp should be every bit as exciting as the first film.

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