Kevin Feige Open To Bringing Back Ant-Man 2 Villain Ghost

Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Marvel visionary Kevin Feige has confirmed that he's open to bringing Ghost, the villain of Ant-Man & the Wasp, back. "In this case," he observed, "the story was always - spoiler! - to keep her around."

Marvel villains don't tend to have a good life-expectancy. Their third-act battles with the heroes usually go poorly, with the hero triumphing; and, although Marvel films are known for being lighthearted, their heroes don't pull their punches. When the bad guys survive, it's more often by accident then intent; think the Red Skull being transported to Vormir by the Tesseract, or apparently the possible survival of Yellowjacket.

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Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost is a different kind of villain. Rather than an out-and-out bad guy, she was simply fighting to survive. As a result, when the film came to an end the heroes and the villains had essentially come to an agreement; in the mid-credits scene, Ant-Man even referred to "our new Ghost friend." Asked about this by Birth.Movies.Death, Kevin Feige has happily admitted that was intentional.

"In this case, the story was always – spoiler! – to keep her around. This was not the story of defeating a villain and everybody cheering. This is a different kind of villain story. When and where – in the tag, he mentions “his new Ghost friend” – is something we’ll see. But there’s nothing better than struggling over the decision about what characters to bring into a movie, casting those characters, writing and putting them together in a way that works in the movie, and then have audiences go “we love them, when are we going to see them again?” Shuri for sure is a great example of that. So with Ghost it is, step one: complete. As for step two, we’ll see where we go with that."

Although he's not committing to bringing the character back, Feige is definitely suggesting she could well have a future in the MCU; and note that he doesn't suggest Ghost would simply return in a third Ant-Man film, becoming part of the wider Ant-Man cast. Many Marvel fans are convinced the House of Ideas is working towards a Thunderbolts film. Essentially Marvel's answer to Suicide Squad, the Thunderbolts is a team composed of ex-villains seeking redemption. Marvel has now introduced two key members of different iterations of the Thunderbolts, Baron Zemo and Ghost; it's important to note that both survived.

If Ghost is indeed on the road to redemption, then she could also turn up in other places too. Many Marvel actors are pushing Feige to commit to an A-Force movie, an all-female team-up. Ghost could easily be a member of that team, working alongside Avengers like Scarlet Witch and Black Widow, or Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok.

Ultimately, it seems likely Ghost's future depends upon the box office performance of Ant-Man & the Wasp. The first weekend in the US has performed below expectations, but a lot will depend upon the film's foreign takings. There, matters are complicated by a staggered release due to the World Cup, so it's hard to say for certain how things will pan out for the Ant-Man sequel.

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Source: Birth.Movies.Death

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