Evangeline Lilly Interview: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Evangeline Lilly is now a contender for the top cinematic superheroine. Lilly plays Hope van Dyne, aka the Wasp, the daughter of the original Ant-Man and Wasp. Move over Black Widow and Wonder Woman, the Wasp is coming for you. Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters July 6, 2018.

Screen Rant: Move over Black Widow, the Wasp is now my favorite character.

Evangline Lilly: Oh, There's room for both of us.

Screen Rant: There is room for both of you. But you kick some serious ass. That kitchen scene. Amazing. So, how much physicality went into this role? It had to be grueling, right?

Evangeline Lilly: No, it wasn't grueling. It wasn't grueling. It was, I've always been somebody who loves fitness and health and I stay in shape. So, it was more like just turning it up a notch. I'm not a trained fighter, so that's part of it. I was in a suit that was um, head to toe leather, three layers of clothing and a corset. So, it was very hard to move. And the resistance for a punch or the resistance for a kick was incredible. And so, I needed more strength than I would if I was just wearing a leotard and punching. And so, it was more just like a dial up. But also, I have an amazing stunt team. And to talk about the stunts in this movie and not give them credit for everything that they did, which was, I mean really. Like I had a national level gymnast doing, there's a reason she looks so good.

Screen Rant: You are a true lead. You are not a sidekick. You're not—

Evangeline Lilly: Name is in the title.

Screen Rant: I love it so much. And how much input did you have into the character of Hope this time around, with working with Peyton?

Evangeline Lilly: Working with Peyton and with the heads of Marvel who should be credited for this also. This collaborative effort, because they're always involved, deeply involved. I felt very heard. I felt very respected. I felt that they always wanted my opinion, that they invited my opinion.  And of course, I was always there to offer it. Because I have a lot of opinions. That said, it is a collaboration. So, not all of them ended up on the screen. And what you end up with is a great surprise at the end of like, what will be there, what elements will they have incorporated? And I was the happiest about, the thing that I harped on with them the most was, I don't want Hope to be the heavy. I don't want her to be the mother scolding all the boys. You shouldn't do this. You're bad. Settle down. Be Nice. Because I think often women get depicted that way in male stories. I want her to be a modern woman, who can handle herself in a group of men. Who can give it just, as good as she gets it. Who knows how to laugh at a joke and who has a sense of humor. I want to see her smile in this movie. And she's so happy now. She's in a great place with her dad. She's the Wasp. I just wanted her to exude female feminine power.

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