Ant-Man 2 Set Photo Offers Best Look at Original Wasp Costume

The Wasp Prime in Ant-Man

Ant-Man And The Wasp's brand new set photo gives fans a good look at the original costume of the Wasp. After the MCU's biggest movie yet in Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios is (literally and figuratively) going small with the release of Peyton Reed's sequel to 2015's original Ant-Man film. This time, Paul Rudd's Scott Lang gets a partner as Evangeline Lily gears up for her introduction as the latest incarnation of the Wasp.

Even after two full trailers, not much is known regarding the plot details of Ant-Man And The Wasp. Infinity War confirmed that Scott is currently on house arrest after striking a deal with the government due to the events of Captain America: Civil War. However, it doesn't seem like the ankle bracelet will stop the shrinking hero from fighting crimes, especially when it's Hank and Hope who are in trouble. Aside from what looks like another heist film, the sequel will delve into the Quantum Realm as the team attempts to rescue Janet Van Dyne, who has been trapped there for years.

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Coming from MCU_Tweets on Twitter is a new look at the Wasp's original costume. It's hard to gauge what's exactly happening in the shot, but judging by the suit being attached to a harness, it looks like an outside action sequence is being filmed. Looking closely at the photo, there are also noticeably CGI markers around the eye area of the mask which means that digital effects will be added later on. Check out the image above.

Chances are that the person supposed to be sporting the suit is Janet Van Dyne (although the set photo reveals it's more likely a stunt double), and the scene in question here is a flashback during Hank and his wife's heyday of fighting crimes - some of which people had a glimpse of in the movie's latest preview. Hope's updated costume not only has a lot of modifications, its color is also very different from his mom's. That said, if it's the young Van Dyne who is revealed to be wearing the aforementioned costume, it's probably because her new one gets taken away and the only way to get back into battle is via the outdated armor, similar to what happened to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

It's already a given that Janet will be saved by Scott, Hope, and Hank, but what's curious to know is if fans will see them all fighting altogether in an epic battle sequence. Given all their suits having masks, it's definitely possible with stunt doubles handling the choreographed fights for Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer. That would be a nifty idea considering that it hasn't been done in the MCU. As for how Ant-Man And The Wasp will affect the bigger MCU narrative, rumors are rife that the Pym particles tech and the exploration of the Quantum Realm will play a huge part in how Thanos will ultimately be defeated in Avengers 4.

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Source: MCU_Tweets

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