'Ant-Man' Trailer: When You're Small You Have Superhuman Strength

Paul Rudd's Ant-Man battles Corey Stoll's Yellowjacket on a kid's train set in the second trailer for Marvel's 'Ant-Man'. Watch it here!

During the Avengers: Age of Ultron press junket over the weekend, Marvel Studios took the opportunity to debut the full-length trailer for the next film in their lineup: Ant-Man. Where the first Ant-Man teaser earned mixed reactions, proving just how tough the film might be to to market compared to the Avengers sequel, the new trailer won those in attendance over.

Better special effects featuring armies of CGI ants; plenty of size-shifting action sequences, comedic moments between Paul Rudd and his co-stars Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas; and a clearly defined enemy with a high-tech suit in Corey Stoll's Darren Cross a.k.a.a Yellowjacket. The second Ant-Man trailer (they're labeling it the first) is now out, kicking off the beginning of its marketing campaign.

How does Ant-Man compete with the more advanced, weaponized Yellowjacket who has the same size-shrinking abilities? The Ant-Man suit can also control ants, which gives him control of an organized and powerful army, albeit a small one... Only a few examples of how important that will be are teased in this trailer but it's a major part of the film and how Ant-Man is a unique superhero. Poor, poor Thomas the Tank Engine.

On that note - check out the new Ant-Man motion poster: