Ant-Man Could Defeat Superman, Says Quantum Physicist

A quantum physicist says Marvel's Ant-Man could defeat DC's Superman in a real-world battle because the microscopic character has no limitations. Released in 2015, the miniscule Ant-Man carved out a large stake at the box office, earning $180.2 domestically and $339.1 million internationally for a staggering global take of $519.3 million. A more obscure character in the Marvel Comics in relation to the likes of Spider-Man and Captain America, the introduction of the Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) came as a refreshing take on the genre, where even the smallest of superheroes can have a huge impact.

As it turns out, Ant-Man may wield more power than anyone could have ever imagined – even more than the legendary Man of Steel. In an interview, California Institute of Technology quantum physicist Dr. Spiros Michalakis discussed being a science consultant on the Ant-Man movie, when the subject of the character's true power came up.

Speaking of his contributions to Ant-Man, Michalakis told Inverse:

"When I was looking to inject elements of modern physics into the script, I brought up this idea that, when Ant-Man goes into the Microverse and something malfunctions, he doesn’t just go to just a smaller space like Fantastic Voyage, (he goes to a step beyond the Proteus) ... This is a place where the nature of reality changes around you. So, when you enter the quantum realm, its different set of laws takes hold.”

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Posed the question about who would Ant-Man and Superman were to go head-to-head, Michalakis says that if all superheroes were real, including the Man of Steel, they would behave to the laws of physics. And while the Kryptonian defies the laws of human science, Michalakis says he's still working within Earth's limitations, while Ant-Man is not – which ultimately gives him greater strength.

Since Michalakis' theories will come off as scientific gobbledygook to most everybody apart from other quantum physicists, fans will just have to take his word for it; that is, unless they're Marvel or DC purists, whom will have their own arguments as to who would win and why.

Of course, since the chances DC/Marvel crossover movie of any kind (much less one involving Ant-Man and Superman) are non-existent, fans will never get a chance to see Michalakis' Ant-Man/Superman scenario play out. One nevertheless wonders how the Man of Steel would respond, if he were to battle Ant-Man and the latter, say, suddenly transformed into Giant-Man, like he did during Captain America: Civil War.

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Source: Inverse

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