'Ant-Man': Corey Stoll Praises Both Original & Revised Scripts

As 'Ant-Man' moves forward with a new script and no Edgar Wright, 'The Strain' actor Corey Stoll gives his input on the film and the title character.

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Back in May, the Internet let out a collective gasp of shock when Edgar Wright unexpectedly left the director's chair on Ant-Man vacant, following an inside baseball kerfuffle over script rewrites (though there's slightly more to it than that). He's since been replaced by Peyton Reed (Bring It On) - which, to be blunt, feels like losing a dollar and finding a quarter. Ant-Man might still be happening, but won't have the acclaimed The World's End auteur at the reigns, which is kind of a bummer.

But not for Corey Stoll! Stoll, previously rumored to have a part in the film, recently sat down with the folks at Collider to chat about it, and not only confirmed that he is indeed involved with Ant-Man, but also expressed his excitement at participating in the project. Reed might be a trade down from Wright, but Stoll's enthusiasm here is infectious; for fans down on Ant-Man following Wright's departure, just reading the Midnight in Paris/The Strain/House of Cards (take your pick) actor's thoughts on the film might be enough of a tonic to diffuse all trepidation over it.

Of course, it's worth pointing out that Stoll very shrewdly ducks and moves to dodge the question posed up front, but that's just smart Hollywood politicking. Maybe Michael Douglas can get away with articulating his dismay over the situation, but he's Michael Douglas. Stoll has to play it coy. Read on for the full quote from the Collider piece:

I’m absolutely thrilled!  Reading the script – and the script that Edgar wrote, and the script that there is now – it’s insane that this movie hasn’t been made before.  Obviously, you need the technology because it needs to look great.  But the whole idea of the changing of scale and the experiential effect of size changing is just so cool.  You read these scenes on the page, and I just got giddy.  I think it’s gonna be so much fun.

You can get a little fatigued with superheroes because everybody is just punching everybody, or shooting everybody with ray beams.  This is a completely different kinetic experience in the theater.  Shrinking and growing back, there’s just so much material there to root it in.  I think it’s gonna be great.

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He's pretty giddy over Ant-Man's basic conceit, and it's hard to blame him. Ant-Man is, among the current crop of big screen superheroes, a pretty unique character with a very specialized bag of tricks; that Marvel went out of their way to find filmmakers with comedy backgrounds to direct also says a lot about what they're aiming for here. It's not that Marvel films don't each have their own sense of humor - the Iron Man films, The Avengers, and even Thor all have one-liners and gags strewn throughout their running times - but they don't typically go in for funny men like Reed or leading man Paul Rudd.

So Ant-Man may end up standing far apart from its fellow Marvel films in terms of its concepts and in terms of tone. No wonder Stoll's so high on it. (His point about superhero fatigue is particularly shrewd.) Who he's set to portray remains a mystery, though it still seems likely he'll end up playing the heavy to Rudd's protagonist. But no matter what role he's cast in, he'll clearly be bringing a lot of energy to the fray, which is nothing less than encouraging.

Ant-Man will hit theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Collider

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