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It's no secret that Ant-Man is the Marvel film that has been in the works the longest, with Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish coming aboard the picture back in 2006. Then, earlier this year, Wright and Marvel had a falling out over the creative tone of the film and Wright left. His sudden and unexpected departure from a film he'd been involved with since day one was seen by many as a huge blow, and interest in the project noticeably waned in the months following.

To replace Wright, Marvel brought in Peyton Reed (The Break-Up, Yes Man) to direct and Adam McKay (Anchorman 1 & 2, The Other Guys) to tweak Wright and Cornish's script. Kevin Feige has since defended their choices, saying Reed understands the vision Marvel had for the character and will add to it, implying Reed works within Marvel's house style better than Wright - which is something Evangeline Lilly's recent comments echo.All in all, the stars of Ant-Man appear to have handled the transition as best they could, with only Michael Douglas making his disappointment with Wright's departure publicly known. Corey Stoll has praised the new script, which, according to McKay - who worked on the script with star Paul Rudd -  is “bigger” and “more aggressive” than Wright and Cornish's version, but retains the original's character development and some dialogue.

Still, Ant-Man's tumultuous production has definitely impacted its appeal. Yesterday, production wrapped on the film and Reed marked the occasion with a pair of tweets which together have been retweeted around 400 times:

Ladies and gentlemen, that is an ANT-MAN picture wrap for Mr. Paul Rudd!

— Peyton Reed (@MrPeytonReed) December 5, 2014

And that's it! Principal photography on ANT-MAN is now complete. The ants have left the building. Stay tuned...

— Peyton Reed (@MrPeytonReed) December 6, 2014

And while those number are less than the wrap tweets for both Fantastic Four and Age of Ultron - and it should be noted both Kate Mara and Joss Whedon have significantly more Twitter followers than Reed - it's also about on par for RTs and favorites with James Gunn's tweet for when production wrapped on Guardians of the Galaxy.

That film was another unknown property Marvel managed to spin into box office gold, so we shouldn't rule Ant-Man out as a big hit just yet. Then again, it could be argued that Guardians' success came from its strong infusion of Gunn's personal style, and Ant-Man may have been stripped of its unique flair in favor of the homogenized MCU tone and look.

We understand that judging a film by the reach of its wrap tweet is downright silly, but it isn't as if the end of principal photography on Ant-Man is being met with much fanfare.

Are you still excited to see what Peyton Reed has achieved with Ant-Man? Let us hear what you think in comments below!

Ant-Man releases in theaters July 17th, 2015.

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