'Ant-Man' Director Teases Fake Ending

Ant-Man Movie Header by_davidratajczak-d7w4rb4

With Avengers: Age of Ultron now passing through theaters on its run to $1 billion+ dollars, MCU fan attention is starting to zero in on a smaller target: Marvel's Ant-Manwhich hits theaters this July. With Avengers 2 doing nothing in the way of setting up the Ant-Man origin story (but the hero already confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War) many are wondering how Ant-Man will tie itself back into the larger Avengers mythos.

As such, beyond the routine turns of an origin story (which superhero movie fans know all too well, these days), it is the ending of Ant-Man (and its mid-credits button scene) that arguably hold the most intrigue for hardcore fans. Well, Marvel is keeping those details secret, but Ant-Man director Peyton Reed is happy to provide a fake ending for anyone who doesn't mind a little ribbing.

Here's the "Ant-Man ending" Reed posted to his Twitter account:

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