Watch Luis Hilariously Recap Ant-Man's Story So Far

Michael Pena is back as fan-favorite Luis as he hilariously recaps Ant-Man's story so far in preparation for the release of Ant-Man & The Wasp.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Luis

Michael Pena's Luis recaps Ant-Man's story thus far in a brand new promo clip for Ant-Man & The Wasp. Paul Rudd's shrinking Marvel hero is back in another adventure with a brand new partner in Evangeline Lily's The Wasp as they attempt to retrieve Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet van Dyne in the Quantum Realm. However, just like in the first Ant-Man movie, Scott's ex-convict friends are tagging along, including Luis.

Immediately after his debut in the 2015 Peyton Reed-directed Marvel flick, Luis become a fan favorite, which is something that executives at Marvel Studios are well aware of. In fact, the character has been so beloved that Kevin Feige even tapped him, alongside Rudd's Scott to trace back MCU's 10-year history in last year's San Diego Comic-Con. Unfortunately, the video hasn't surfaced online yet, but fans are hoping that it'll be released sometime soon. And since Luis' animated storytelling was such a huge hit in Ant-Man, it only makes sense that its sequel includes one of those fun montages as seen in this brand new promotional clip.

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Courtesy of Ant-Man News on Twitter is a 30-second clip featuring Luis doing his thing. The hilarious video sees Scott's chatty pal recalling how the two of them first met in prison, and then went on babbling how he got into a tricky position after getting involved in Tony Stark and Steve Rogers' scuffle in Germany in Captain America: Civil War. It's unclear who exactly he's telling this story to, but chances are that he might be speaking with Randall Park's alleged FBI agent, Jimmy Woo. It's possible that Luis and his friends were being questioned considering that at some point in the film, Scott presumably violates the terms of his house arrest after the Pyms recruited him. Check out the clip below:

In hindsight, Marvel Studios hit the jackpot with a character like Luis who can effectively be an expository machine without boring the audience as expositions usually tend to. This way, the film saves time and catches people up to speed so that the narrative can flow. In some of the previously released trailers for Ant-Man & The Wasp, he was seen talking to Hank as he basically explains how Ghost actually came to be.

Safe to say that Pena's Luis would stick around a little while longer in the MCU, and people can't wait to see him interact with other characters outside of the Ant-Man franchise. As for his role in the franchise moving forward, it'll be interesting to see him suit up in the future - a possibility that a teaser for Ant-Man & The Wasp seems to be already foreshadowing after he blatantly tells Hope that it would be great if he can also have a suit.  While the sequel doesn't seem likely to make Luis an official superhero (yet), he's a huge part of the movie's intense car chase where he gets to drive his own flashy purple car.

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Source: Ant-Man News/Twitter

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