‘Ant-Man’ Update: 'Neighbors' & 'Goon' Directors Are Possible Candidates to Helm

Marvel Considers 2 New Ant-Man Directors

Since Edgar Wright dropped out of Marvel’s Ant-Man - a film he had worked to create for eight years - there has been a flurry of reports about who will replace him in the director’s chair. Names such as Adam McKay (Anchorman: The Legend Continues), Rawson Thurber (We’re the Millers), and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) were reportedly on Marvel’s shortlist.

But after McKay dropped out of the project, Thurber passed (or was never officially offered the job), and Fleischer's name was being thrown around as a possible Ghostbusters 3 director, it seemed the studio’s shortlist had disappeared. Now, there appear to be two new names in the running: Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) and Michael Dowse (Goon).

Deadline is reporting that Stoller and Dowse’s names are making the rounds at Marvel to helm Ant-Man and that Thurber is (was?) a "favorite" to direct. Here's the quoted section:

As for 'Ant-Man,' Marvel has gone radio silent after heated press reports that Adam McKay would direct, and then equally heated reports a day later that he wasn’t going to do it after all. Right now, the favorite is 'Dodgeball' and 'We’re The Millers' helmer Rawson Thurber, but names like Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse are also making the rounds.

It's worth noting that Collider is claiming that Stoller is not in the running at all - and never was. So it's entirely possible that some of this information is old (especially in the case of Thurber) or inaccurate.

Further, it seems unlikely that Stoller would join talks to direct Ant-Man since he teased his next project last month and it involved buddy cop humor between Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen, not bug-based heroics. In regard to Thurber, there are too many conflicting reports without any official confirmation to say with certainty whether or not he’s a still candidate for Ant-Man.

Ant-Man Nicholas Stoller Michael Dowse

As for Dowse, he's a bit of an outlier. Though Marvel has exclusively targeted directors for Ant-Man with experience in blockbuster comedies and/or action flicks, Dowse's past experience includes the critically panned Take Me Home Tonight as well as the sports comedy Goon. His newest endeavor, What If, is a romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe.

The leap to Ant-Man, while not impossible, seems a bit further for Dowse than any of the other names on Marvel’s list. It’s difficult to speculate about how he would fare with Ant-Man given his past projects. Perhaps he’s the right man for the job; perhaps he’s not even in the running.

With Dowse and Stoller added to the list of directors that Marvel may be considering for Ant-Man, as well as the film not sticking to schedule and failing to begin shooting this week, will the film make its 2015 release? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[Update: Ant-Man has a new director and writer. Find out who HERE!]


Ant-Man is scheduled to premiere on July 17th, 2015.

Sourcies: Deadline, Collider

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