First Official 'Ant-Man' Poster: Size Matters

The first 'Ant-Man' poster out of San Diego Comic-Con emphasizes the titular hero's powers, and features stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

Ant Man SDCC 2014 Poster

Disney and Marvel Studios have hit the SDCC Comic-Con ground running - with major changes to the Marvel Comics universe still reverberating - and have shaken things up even further with the addition of another unnamed 2018 release to the five dates already reported leading up to Comic-Con 2014.

While these announcements have rattled our own list of the five movies we want Marvel to announce at Comic-Con, one big project in particular remains locked into a July 2015 opening. Ant-Man has seen its share of shakeups, with the departure of original director Edgar Wright, the hiring of Peyton Reed to replace him, and Marvel's insistence that everything is fine.

Now, with Comic-Con kicking off, we have our first official poster for Ant-Man, courtesy of EW. Check out the poster below:

Ant-Man Comic-Con Poster


This first look at a key piece of promotional material places Ant-Man himself front and center, illustrating his powers and giving us our first clear look at what will presumably be his main costume. Stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are also featured together, a strong hint that perhaps we'll be seeing the original Ant-Man, Dr. Henry Pym (Douglas), in action in some form before the mantle is passed to Scott Lang (Rudd). Also, he's going to ride an ant. (He better ride an ant.)

Fans who have been closely following the development of this property for years are undoubtedly sad that Wright is out and Bring It On director Reed has been slotted in to get the job done, and thus expect Marvel to pony up something seriously exciting at this year's Comic-Con. This first poster is a pretty bold piece of work: stark, simple and nicely composed.

The events leading up to Wright's departure have been fairly well chronicled at this point, and fans are now left with the reality that the stylish auteur behind The World's End won't be bringing this character to the screen, with a hired gun in his place. Still, co-star Corey Stoll (The Strain) remains enthusiastic about the film, even if Michael Douglas is disappointed.

This is a good poster, though. Disappointed fans will have to adjust to the here and now, and more strong early material like this will go a long way toward accomplishing just that.

Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: EW

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