32 Things That Don't Make Sense About Ant-Man And The Wasp


After a highly anticipated release, Ant-Man and the Wasp is expected to dominate the box office with a huge sting. The movie already soared to $11.5 million on Thursday night’s opening night and is expected to reach $85-95m in Friday night estimates.

Moviegoers are swarming to see the movie in theater and critics are all buzzing about the movie that proves size really doesn’t matter.

Evangeline Lilly gave a buzzworthy performance as the first leading female MCU character and Paul Rudd definitely didn’t disappoint his bug-eyed fans. The movie was filled with hilariously stingy jokes, memorable action scenes, and a truly wonderful family theme.

However, the movie revolved around a very scientific world and attempted to make sense of a Quantum Realm. Therefore, it’s only natural that it was filled with scientific gobblygook and things that simply didn’t make sense.

Although the writers tried to camouflage the buggy nonsense with funny jokes and witty remarks, we weren’t fooled. We caught all the character flaws, plot holes, and oddities that were circulating throughout the two-hour movie.

So, put on your bug eyes and get ready to break the hive mind because here are the 32 Things That Don't Make Sense About Ant-Man And The Wasp!

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32 How is Janet Able to Survive for 30 Years?

Thirty years ago, Janet Van Dyne stopped a nuclear warhead and got herself trapped in the Quantum Realm.

Her husband and daughter spent their entire life searching for her and we see their dreams come true in a very touching family moment.

However, underneath all the emotions and sweetness, we forget that Janet was stuck in the realm for thirty years – how did she survive for so long?

The average person can only go 21 days without food and three days without water. So what was Janet eating and drinking in a realm that seemed to be void of any food or water sources?

What was she doing for the past thirty human years?

31 Why Didn't Ant-Man Help the Avengers Fight Thanos?

Ant-Man Wasp and Thanos

We were told by the Infinity War writers that Ant-Man’s absence from Infinity War had to do with the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Supposedly, Ant-Man wasn’t in Infinity War because he was under house arrest. However, in Ant-Man and the Wasp, it appears that he got his ankle monitor removed before the final Infinity War battle.

The mid-credit scene showed the entire Pym family vanishing from Thanos’ rage.

However, if they had time to create a tunnel on wheels and prepare a mission for Scott to return to the Quantum Realm, wouldn’t they have had time to help the Avengers after Scott got his monitor off?

Also, Scott violated his house arrest by helping Hope. Wouldn't he have done the same for the fate of the universe?

30 Why are Hank and Hope in Trouble Under the Sokovia Accords?

Spider-Man and Ant-Man in Civil War

At the beginning of the movie, we find out that Hank and Hope are on the run from the FBI because of their connections to Ant-Man.

According to Agent Woo, they are in trouble with the law because they built the tech that Ant-Man used in the events of Civil War.

However, how does building Ant-Man’s suit implicate them? This is like saying Einstein should have been arrested for developing the atomic bomb.

Also, how does the FBI even know that the suit was created by Hank? They never got ahold of the suit and Scott definitely wouldn’t have told on Hank and Hope.

29 How Did Sonny Know about the Portable Lab and Why Was he even in the movie?

Sonny Burch was the only character in the movie that simply didn’t fit. He started out as the seller of Hank and Hope’s component and should’ve stayed in that role.

However, instead, he somehow obtains information that he doesn’t have access to, derails the entire movie, and detracts from Ghost’s villainous plot story.

Sonny magically recognizes that Hank and Hope have a portable lab that he’s never seen and reveals that a remote is needed to use it.

It appears as though he was just given this knowledge so that he could provide the movie with its necessary car chase scene and memorable fights. He had no other real purpose for being in the movie.

28 Why was Hank Pym making another Ant-Man suit?

At the beginning of the movie, Hank Pym is under the impression that Scott destroyed his Ant-Man suit. Therefore, he reveals that he’s been working on a new suit that has a few kinks in its armor.

However, why was Hank making another Ant-Man suit if he didn’t plan on ever seeing or talking to Scott again? What was he going to use it for?

Also, why doesn’t the new suit work as well as Ant-Man’s previous suit? They already have two perfected suits – Ant-Man’s old suit and the Wasp’s suit.

So why does this new one seem like a complete downgrade?

27 Scott and Hope's Relationship

During the first Ant-Man movie, we saw a relationship building between Scott and Hope. They started out annoyed at each other and eventually grew to fall for each other.

However, what happened between the first movie and Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Luis hints at their relationship status when he’s under the truth serum and the couple talks about their ups and downs a couple of times throughout the movie. However, the movie seems to have completely left out the romantic details of the last few years.

Just like how Thor writes off Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok, it seems as though we’re left in the dark about Scott and Hope’s relationship.

26 Why Doesn't Ant-Man's Suit Have Wings?

When Ant-Man sees Hope using her Wasp wings, he asks Hank, “You gave her wings? So, I take it you didn’t have that tech available for me?” Hank hilariously responds saying “No I did” and the discussion ends there.

It’s a funny joke in the movie, but if you stop and think about it, why didn’t Ant-Man get wings?

He’s constantly flying by using other ants and would definitely benefit from the wings. Hank even creates a new suit and still doesn’t put wings on it.

Even if he didn’t trust Scott, it would seem as though wings would save Scott some time and effort.

25 Why can everyone fit in the Shrinking Car?

The shrinking car is one of the coolest gadgets in the movie, but how are Scott, Hope, Hank, and Luis all able to shrink with the car?

Scott and Hope are wearing suits that allow them to shrink but Hank and Luis aren’t.

Hank also clearly needed a suit to shrink while in the Quantum Realm ship. So, shouldn’t he need one in the car?

If the car acts like a suit and allows everyone inside to shrink as well, then why don’t Hank and Hope shrink themselves while in the portable lab? It would make it easier to hide themselves and the lab.

However, each time they enter the lab, they enlarge it first.

24 Ghost's Phasing Powers

Whenever there’s phasing involved in any movie, there’s always a question about how the phenomenon actually works.

Ghost can phase through matter both controllably and uncontrollably. However, sometimes her powers don’t completely make sense.

Why is she able to phase through certain things but not others? For example, when she’s chasing Ant-Man, she’s able to phase through items, but why doesn’t she completely fall through the floor?

Why is she even able to stand on Earth or in a dimension other than the Quantum Realm?

This relates to the whole idea of the Quantum Realm. How does all the science mumbo jumbo work and how does this relate to the real world?

23 Why Did Hope Pursue a Car Chase with Sonny's Henchmen When She only had 2 Hours to Save her Mom?

Sonny and his henchmen start to chase Hope in an epic Ant-Man styled car chase. However, why didn’t Hope cut the chase and save some time by staying tiny?

Hope knew she only had two hours to save her mom, so instigating a car chase wasn’t necessarily the best use of her time.

She could’ve easily avoided the chase by shrinking the car and hiding from the bad guys, but instead, she said she wanted to deal with them.

If she had simply stayed small, she could’ve hidden herself, her teammates, and the portable lab until the coast was clear.

22 How Does Scott Take His Ankle Monitor on and off?

To get around Scott’s house arrest, Hope somehow removes his ankle monitor and puts it on an ant that is simulating Scott’s life.

Although it isn’t explained how she’s able to get the monitor off, it’s not explained how Scott is able to do the same thing later on.

When he leaves Hank and Hope to return home before the FBI discovers that he’s missing, Scott is able to somehow put the monitor back on his ankle. He then takes it off without the help of Hank or Hope and returns to save them.

How is he able to do so, and did he put the ankle monitor back on the ant?

21 Why Does Scott Float Aimlessly in the Quantum Realm but Janet Can Walk Around?

We all saw Scott enter the Quantum Realm in the first Ant-Man movie. When he’s in the beautiful alternate world, he simply floats around aimlessly without any cause or directional purpose.

However, Janet’s time in the realm seems to be completely different.

When Hank comes to save her but ends up in an odd trance, Janet seems to walk over to him in order to shake him out of it.

This shows that her movements in the realm are grounded and she’s able to walk through it rather than float around like Scott did.

So, why is her experience different?

20 Why doesn't Hope and Hank wait Three Days Until Scott is Off House Arrest?

Scott tells his daughter that he only has three days left on house arrest, so why doesn’t Hope wait three days to kidnap Scott and use him to help find her mother?

Hope and Hank had no idea that their mission was time-sensitive until after Janet invaded Scott’s body and told them.

Therefore, the two of them could’ve waited three days to uncomplicate the situation before opening the portal.

If they had opened the portal after Scott’s house arrest was over, they could’ve avoided the debacle with the FBI and probably completed the mission with fewer hiccups.

19 How Can the Team talk to each other without their Earpiece or Helmets?

One of the oddest things about the Avengers is that they can somehow constantly talk to each other during battle no matter where they are. This oddity also applies to the Ant-Man and Wasp team.

It is assumed that Hope and Scott can talk to each other through their helmets and to Hank through his earpiece. However, when the Pyms are in the FBI cell, how can Scott talk to them?

Hope puts on her suit so she can hear him, but Hank isn’t wearing his earpiece, as we clearly see him put it on when he returns to the van.

Also, how can everyone hear Hope and Scott speak when they’re the size of ants?

18 How did Scott get the Shrinking Van and Wasp's Suit When He Busts Hank and Hope Out of the FBI?

In a very heroic, “knight in shining armor” moment, Scott busts Hank and Hope out of the FBI holding cell so that they can continue the search for their mother.

However, everything about this moment is highly convenient.

How did Scott have the shrinking van or Hope’s Wasp suit? Wouldn’t the FBI have confiscated them when they found Hank and Hope?

Scott also didn’t know where the two of them were, so how could he have found the van or the suit in time to break his colleagues out of the FBI?

17 How Do Hank and Hope Have Money for the Components They Need?

When Hope goes to meet with Sonny Burch, she dumps a large sum of money on the table in exchange for a component. However, where did this money come from?

Hank and Hope have been on the run for the past two years and therefore wouldn’t have had much means to money.

Even if Hank had been rich beforehand, he couldn’t have pulled out money from the bank without the FBI noticing.

The father and daughter duo also clearly invested a lot of money into their portable lab, but the movie never explains how they’ve managed to survive on the run.

16 Why Was Ghost and Her Mom in Her Dad's Dangerous Lab?

Marvel villains have always had very washed out and underdeveloped backstories. This was changed with the magnificent stories created by Killmonger and Thanos.

However, Ghost seems to have retreated to the days of the MCU villain problem.

There isn’t much time spent on developing her background in the movie and her “rise to villainhood” doesn’t actually make much sense.

For example, why were a little girl and her mother hanging out in a dangerous lab? The movie didn’t bother to explain what they were doing there. Were they visiting the father or did they oddly live in the lab?

15 Janet Entering Scott's Body

After the Quantum Realm portal stopped working, Hank and Hope rushed to figure out how to get it back online. Then they were surprised to see Scott walk over and enter in the correct equations.

Scott was able to correct their mistake because he was being embodied by Janet van Dyne. However, how is this possible?

The portal wasn’t working, so how could she have crossed over? Also, where did Scott go during this transaction?

It seems as though Scott just blacked out for a couple of minutes, but why didn’t he actually switch places with Janet?

14 Why Does Hank Call Ghost a "He" and Why Doesn't He Fight Back?

Ghost attacks Hank and takes the portable lab, and when Scott and Hope arrive on the scene Hank says “he took the lab."

Why does Hank assume that Ghost is a man? He heard her talking to him in a very feminine voice and he’s also seen her in person and through Hope’s encounter with her at the Oui restaurant.

Not only does Hank assume that Ghost is a man, but he also doesn’t ever feel the need to fight during the movie.

Hank was the first Ant-Man, was trained by the United States Army, and worked on dangerous missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. So why doesn’t he ever use any of these skills to fight back?

13 Why Does the FBI Just Let Scott Go?

Agent Woo seems eager to find out if Scott violated the terms of his house arrest, but apparently, he isn’t determined enough.

Woo sees Ant-Man on the news and has hundreds of eyewitnesses that can confirm the event. However, he’s simply relying on his own two eyes to figure out if Scott left his house.

The FBI could also have investigated Scott’s ankle monitor to determine if it was tampered with, but alas, they simply let him go scotch-free.

This doesn’t seem like something an FBI agent would do, even one that is lonely and just wants to have dinner with Scott.

12 How Does Scott Know He Grew 65 Feet?

Scott and Foster joke around about the biggest they’ve ever become as Ant-Man and Scott brags about growing as tall as 65 feet. However, how does Scott know that?

He’s assumedly referring to when he grew at the airport in Civil War, but there was no one around to measure exactly how big he was.

Scott wasn’t in a laboratory environment and definitely didn’t take out a ruler and measure himself, so he’s only relying on how big he felt.

Therefore, he may or may not have gotten to 65 feet.

11 How Can Scott Afford His House?

During the first scenes of the movie, we’re introduced to Scott’s new and gorgeous Victorian home. However, how can he afford that house when he could barely afford a dingy apartment in the first movie?

We see that Scott and Luis started up a business called X-Con. However, the business still seems new and most likely hasn’t made any money yet.

This is evident when Scott goes to the office and asks why he doesn’t have a nice desk. Luis says that Scott wasn’t around when they chose desks, which means that Scott was clearly under house arrest before they even started the business.

So, where did Scott get the money for his home?

10 How Can a Hot Wheels Car Drive Like a Real Car?

Hank has a bag full of Hot Wheels cars that he can instantly turn into completely drivable life-sized vehicles. So, how can a toy turn into a real car?

Maybe the vehicles aren’t actually Hot Wheels toys, but rather real-life cars that Hank turned small. However, if so, where did he get the money to buy all of those cars? He was on the run with no access to his money.

Another interesting thing to point out is that license plates in California must be shown on the front and the back of the vehicle. However, most of the cars in the movie only had a rear license plate.

9 Why Does Ghost Need to Extract Healing Powers from Janet?

Throughout the movie, we learn that Ghost wants to extract healing powers from Janet so that she can stop suffering in pain.

However, how does she know that Janet has healing powers?

If the powers were obtained from the Quantum Realm, why wasn’t her plan to simply go to the realm herself and harness the abilities?

She also could’ve used Scott instead of Janet. Scott has also been to the Quantum Realm and, according to the mid-credit scene, it only takes a couple of seconds to harness the healing powers in a container.

So, wouldn’t Scott have the powers too?

8 How Does the FBI Know Exactly What Room Scott is in?

In the movie, the FBI seems to have amazing GPS technology that can determine where in the house Scott is located. This is how Woo knows that Scott’s ankle monitor was in the upstairs bathroom when he barged into the house

However, this isn’t how ankle monitors work. GPS on ankle monitors use civilian GPS systems and is accurate to about 50 feet.

Therefore, it is possible to narrow down which side of a building someone is in, but it would be difficult to determine the exact room.

This is particularly true for two-story homes. The GPS doesn’t provide details about elevation so Woo wouldn’t have known Scott was in the upstairs bathroom.

7 How Can Janet Feel Other People's Pain or Heal Ghost?

How can Janet feel people’s pain or heal when she returns from the Quantum Realm?

What about the realm gave her those abilities and how does she actually know she has the power to heal when she hasn’t seen another living being for years?

Scott makes a joke about it in the movie when he asks Hank if he knew she could do that. However, the source of her powers and her time in the Quantum Realm are ultimately left unexplained.

Will we find out more about it in a future movie or is this left up to the viewer’s imagination?

6 Where is Hawkeye?

In Infinity War, Hawkeye and Ant-Man were lumped together. They were both said to have taken a plea deal and were currently under house arrest.

However, the way that they were talked about in the movie and the build-up between Infinity and Ant-Man and the Wasp made it seem as though Hawkeye’s whereabouts would also be revealed in this movie.

As you know, this doesn’t happen, and Hawkeye is still nowhere to be found.

So, when will we learn more about the missing Avenger and what he was doing during Infinity War?

5 Where Did Janet Get Her New Clothes in the Quantum Realm and How did she age?

In the first Ant-Man movie, Hank Pym described the Quantum Realm as “a reality where time and space become irrelevant as you shrink for all eternity.”

However, in a place where time is irrelevant, it seems as though Janet aged the same as she would have in the real world.

When Hank found her in the Quantum Realm, she should’ve looked the same as she did when she entered it and changed to her normal age when she returned to Earth.

Also, when she returned, Janet was wearing some new threads. Where did she her new clothes and what happened to her Wasp suit?

4 How is Everyone So Good at Hitting Something as Small as an Ant?

In the first Ant-Man movie, Darren Cross was unimaginably good at shooting Ant-Man’s ants as they flew through the sky. These ants are incredibly small and would take an absolute miracle for anyone to shoot at them.

However, Cross wasn’t the only good marksmen in the universe. Other people in Ant-Man and the Wasp were also able to take aim at the small creatures.

For example, Sonny’s henchmen could throw knives at Wasp with great precision and the seagulls were able to swoop up and eat a lot of Ant-Man’s friends.

While we’re on the topic of the seagulls, why didn’t any of them try to eat Ant-Man?

3 Why Don't Ghost and Foster Work with Hank and Pym Instead of Against Them?

Ghost and Foster devised a not-so-evil plan to extract the healing powers from Janet so that Ava could end her suffering.

However, they could’ve completed their plan much faster if they had worked with Hank and Hope instead of against them.

The two didn’t seem to have completely villainous hearts and were amenable to a lot of Scott, Hank, and Hope’s requests. So, instead of stopping someone that had the same goals as they did, Ghost and Foster should have worked with them to speed the process.

If they needed to, they could have always backstabbed the team and taken Janet for themselves after the mission was completed.

2 What Happened to Ant-Man at the End of the Movie?

The mid-credit scene was hands-down the best part of the movie. In a great nod to Infinity War, we see that the Pyms have disappeared under Thanos’ wrath and Ant-Man is left floating around in the Quantum Realm.

So, what does this mean?

Was Ant-Man immune to the effects of the Thanos' snap because he was in the Quantum Realm or was he simply chosen as the half of the universe Thanos decided to spare?

Also, why didn’t Scott go into the Quantum Realm in a ship like Hank did? That way he could’ve had his own methods of escaping the realm in case of any problems – like half of the universe disappearing.

1 Thanos' Cameo

Ant-Man Janet Thanos

During the mid-credit scene, we see Ant-Man left in the Quantum Realm as his colleagues all vanished with a snap of Thanos’ fingers.

However, if you look closely, you may have spotted a familiar face lingering around Ant-Man.

Some fans have been quick to point out that you can see Thanos’ grinning face in the clouds of the Quantum Realm.

So, what does this mean? Is this showing a link between the Quantum Realm and the missing Avengers in Infinity War?

Does it provide evidence that Thanos is in the Quantum Realm? Or is the director just trolling us with an insane Easter egg?



Did you notice anything else about Ant-Man and the Wasp that made no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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