Ant-Man 2 Theory: The Original Wasp Has Become A Villain

Has Wasp Become A Villain in the Quantum Realm?

Janet may have undergone changes in the Quantum Realm, and the movie will certainly address this. During our set visit, we learned that questions regarding how Janet has aged and survived will all be addressed in the movie. But when the subject arose of how her 30 years of isolation in a subatomic dimension may have affected her mental state, the Marvel wall of secrecy went up. It's perfectly possible that Janet will be a little kookier but otherwise her regular self and the team will all become one big happy family once she's out of the Quantum Realm. However, there certainly seems to be evidence pointing towards a darker turn for the character.

Though Ghost was assumed to be the big villain in the film, all involved with the movie have continually pointed out that she's really one antagonist. In fact, it's been said the team will face many obstacles and antagonists in the movie, with the concept of a big bad being skirted around. Clearly, there's something more to Ghost than it was at first assumed.

In the comics, Ghost has been a hero, villain, and something in between. Therefore, there's really no telling what role Hannah John-Kamen's character will play in the plot. This alone could be cause for the mysterious nature of Ghost, but there could be more to it. Janet's isolation and time in the trippy, interplanetary Quantum Realm could have easily driven her mad. Likewise, it may have changed her ideology or even caused her to resent Hank. Any of these could see her emerge as a villain, or at least else another antagonist.

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Wasp Has To Be Redeemed

From Loki to Killmonger to Thanos, Marvel has been moving more and more towards sympathetic villains. Gone is the mustache-twirling of a typical comic book film, and instead the antagonists are more the heroes of their own story. It's safe to assume that Ghost will fit this mold, as the character's roots of being an anti-corporate hacker certainly don't make her an outright villain - and if it turns out she has a deeper relationship with Hank and the others, that will only further her case. But with Hank and Scott both walking certain moral lines, it would be a shame if Janet's story was a simple one of a damsel in distress.

Regardless of the character's alignment, the updated look of Janet at least hints she's been holding her own and surviving this whole time. She was a superhero, after all, and her needing to be rescued is less a knock on her abilities and more an indication of just how treacherous the Quantum Realm is. That being said, Marvel Studios has become such a hitmaker thanks to its inventive choices, and that's become truer over the past few years. Shocking audiences with the reveal that Janet has had a change of heart while in the Quantum Realm would not only make for solid entertainment, but it allows a redemptive character to be introduced.

Hank and Scott are both characters seeking redemption, something that Luis, Kurt, and Dave even share as ex-cons. Luis starts a business in Ant-Man 2 with the other guys in an attempt to go straight, and Scott will join in to help provide for his daughter. The idea of salvation is a big part of the Ant-Man franchise already, and continuing that theme through Janet and Ghost would help to make Ant-Man into The Flash of the MCU - someone who always sees the good in people.


We don't know what shape Janet's villain role could take, if it even exists, but an antagonistic Wasp means the movie could end on a darker note but one with hope for the future. It would also ensure the same through-lines of Janet, the Quantum Realm, and redemption run into Ant-Man and the Wasp's inevitable sequel, which could truly see the original Wasp reform and come back into the fold.

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