Ant-Man & The Wasp Set Photo Teases Villain Ghost?

The latest set photo from Ant-Man & the Wasp teases the film's big villain and their updated costume. With Marvel putting out more and more movies each year, it's hard to find a time when one isn't filming. For fans, that means a steady stream of set images and videos that offer sneak peeks at the action to come. With Thor: Ragnarok close to hitting theaters and Black Panther wrapped ahead of its release next year, Marvel's other two 2018 films are in the spotlight.

Thanks to Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man & the Wasp filming in Atlanta, plenty of new tidbits have arrived for both films. When it comes to the next Avengers movie, we've mostly had a look at who will be returning. The glimpses of Ant-Man 2's production, however, have provided early looks at the movie's updated costumes. After Evangeline Lilly debuted an early look at her costume, we got to see it in the wild thanks to a recent set photo. Now, the newest Marvel hero has a rival.

Noticias Geek TV has just shared a photo from the set of Ant-Man & the Wasp showing Lilly's character in costume and facing off against someone clad in white. Considering Hannah John-Kamen will be playing the Marvel Comics villain Ghost in the new film, it seems likely that we're seeing her stunt double in the image. It also means we have our first look at the rogue's costume.

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Details on Ghost have been kept under wraps, but that plays nicely into the character's mysterious nature in the comics. From the look of things, however, John-Kamen's costume will echo the source material. The all-white battle suit is a key aspect of Ghost, who uses tech to turn invisible and pass through walls. The main feature of the character, though, is the creepy gas mask they wear. Though versions of the character have altered the head gear, fans are hoping the MCU keeps this feature alive. And while the stunt person isn't wearing a mask, we can see a hood hanging from the suit. With any luck, the full version of the outfit will do the character justice.

Along with the potential look at Ghost and several looks at the Wasp, we've also had a couple of looks at Ant-Man's updated uniform. The most recent image of the character highlighted Paul Rudd's stunt double and gave us our clearest image of the new Ant-Man costume. A recent set video also provided a look at some of the movie's action on the streets of San Francisco. After all, New York can't have all the chaos.

With Ant-Man & the Wasp set to continue filming for the next couple of months, stay tuned for more glimpses behind the scenes of the upcoming Marvel movie.

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Source: Noticias Geek TV

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