Scott Lang's Suit Hilariously Malfunctions In Ant-Man 2 TV Spot

Marvel Studios released a new Ant-Man & the Wasp promo spot, and it features Scott Lang's superhero suit experiencing a glitch. The 20th film from the MCU, the upcoming sequel will see the return of Paul Rudd as the size-changing hero, Ant-Man. But this time, he's with a new partner, the Wasp - the first female co-headlining superhero in the franchise, as played by Evangeline Lily.

With less than five weeks to go before the latest Marvel Studios offering hits theaters, the marketing machine for the movie has started heating up with the release of several TV spots, teasing people about what to expect from the Peyton Reed-directed flick. Similar to most of its predecessors, the latest clip highlights the flick's brand of humor, which is probably what every Marvel fan needs considering the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. Keep in mind, however, that Ant-Man & The Wasp (as well as Captain Marvel) takes place before Thanos' arrival on Earth, and will tackle the repercussions of Scott's decision in Captain America: Civil War.

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A brand new Chinese  TV spot for Ant-Man & The Wasp, courtesy of Ant-Man News on Twitter, has been making the rounds online. The less than a minute clip mainly consists of previously released footage from the forthcoming film, coupled with a few never-before-seen sequences showing Scott's suit encountering a glitch and leaving him shrunken down to the size of a child, instead of an actual ant. The scenes are pretty hilarious, especially with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) making fun of Scott's predicament. It wasn't revealed why the suit malfunctioned or how it will be fixed, but it looks like Scott was sneaking in a school - possible to go see Abby, when it happened. Watch the video below:

The clip established that Scott shrunk to mid-size just because the suit malfunctioned, but it would be interesting if an option to customize the size to which both Ant-Man and the Wasp can shrink or grow can be an official feature of the suit moving forward. After all, Scott's interaction with Bill Foster aka. Giant Man, revealed that much like how Tony Stark continues to tinker on his Iron Man suit, Hank has also been relentless in trying to improve his creations.

While most TV spots released for Ant-Man & The Wasp heavily featured the film's humor, the sequel is expected to also have some emotional moments, especially with regard to the search and rescue of Janet van Dyne, Hope's mother, Hank's wife and the original Wasp. Further, the forthcoming Marvel flick is also supposed to have a major impact on the MCU due to the exploration of the Quantum Realm, despite it seemingly tackling a very self-contained, character driven story much like its predecessor.

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Source: Ant-Man News/Twitter

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