Scott Is the Key to Rescuing Janet from the Quantum Realm

Scott Lang will be an important factor in saving Janet van Dyne from the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man & The Wasp. The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise is going small - both literally and figuratively - with the forthcoming sequel. Despite that, the film is expected to have a huge effect on the story moving forward as it officially introduces the Microverse - "a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant as you shrink for all eternity." 

Directed by Peyton Reed, Ant-Man & The Wasp is expected to be another character-driven story as Hank and Hope actively attempt to rescue Janet from the Quantum Realm where she's been stranded in for almost three decades now. However, similar to the first Ant-Man movie, the two won't be able to do it by themselves as they once again reach out to Scott for help.

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Speaking to Screen Rant during our visit to the set of Ant-Man & The Wasp, Michael Douglas spoke a bit about the rescue mission of the original Wasp from the Quantum Realm, which apparently is Hope's idea. That said, Scott is a pivotal piece of the operation as he's the key to determine whether Janet is still alive or not (which she is).

Michael Douglas: Well, let me think now. We sort of -- well we get a signal. No, really what happens and, and you -- I expect Marvel to shoot with a blow gun in the back [LAUGHS] of the neck if I’ve said -- No we get a signal that actually through Scott. Um that --

Disney: The blow dart is coming Michael.

Michael Douglas: Okay, so there you go. So it’s an integral part, but we get a signal that she might still be alive.

Based on Douglas' clipped answer, it appears that Scott's involvement in rescuing the original Wasp is one of the key plot drives - and a key mystery on the production. Of course, as the original Ant-Man established the possibility that one can get out of the Quantum Realm after going subatomic, it was already expected that he'll play a key role in the Pyms' forthcoming mission; that he's the only one who has been able to go there and back thus far.

The main question now is how? Ant-Man & the Wasp's trailers and TV spots have shown a brand new vessel that would allow the team to explore the Microverse without the risk of being trapped there by simply going sub-atomic, but that's surely after the message. What "signal" is Douglas referencing, and how does it fit into the wider plot?

Aside from Janet's rescue, Scott and Hope will also take on the mysterious villain Ghost, played by Hannah John-Kamen. Not much is known regarding the film's supposed main antagonist, especially since it seems like Marvel Studios took some creative liberty in changing some aspects of her character from the comics. However as seen on several of Ant-Man & The Wasp's promo clips, Hope talks about her and Hank having something to do with unleashing her, and hinted that the villain wants to destroy the world.

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