Ant-Man 2: Potential Character Details Tease Hannah John-Kamen's Role [UPDATED]

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Update: Learn more about Hannah John-Kamen's Ant-Man 2 character here!

A new set of casting rumors point to some fresh faces joining Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp. While most of the attention for Marvel's upcoming films is naturally on those that will arrive within the next year, just outside of that window is the follow-up to 2015's Ant-Man. Though initially marred by the controversy over Edgar Wright exiting the movie, the final product from Peyton Reed was a hit with critics and audiences. As such, the film quickly earned itself a sequel in Marvel's already-established Phase 3 lineup.

Ant-Man and the Wasp starts filming next month in Atlanta, with most of the original movie's cast returning. We know for sure the three main stars will be back, along with T.I. as one of Scott Lang's friends/crew members, as well as Michael Peña as the charismatic and fast-talking Luis. His long-winded stories proved a key part of Ant-Man's buzz, so it's only right he fits into the new film—likely with an expanded role. As far as newcomers go, Hannah John-Kamen has an Ant-Man and the Wasp role that has been kept under-wraps thus far - though we may now have some concrete details, regarding her character.

MCU Exchange is claiming that (based on a source of theirs) John-Kamen is playing a character named Dawn, said to be "charismatic, eccentric, unpredictable and damaged." They note that while this doesn't ring any immediate bells in terms of comic characters, a case could be made for Dawn Starr. In the comics, she shares the same last name as Elihas Starr, better known as Ant-Man villain Egghead. Though the two are unrelated, the site speculates they could be made into relatives of some sort. It's a long-shot, but Marvel have certainly pulled similar moves. Egghead is also the perfect goofy villain to be added to the sequel, though he'll likely be made more nefarious.

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Update: Michelle Pfeiffer has since been cast as Janet van Dyne.

The rest of the casting rumor hints that John-Kamen will be one of at least three new characters added to the movie. The second will be for the part of Janet van Dyne, the former Wasp and late wife/superhero partner of Hank Pym. Likely, a good bit of the film will revolve around her history and possibly even the search for her in the Quantum Realm. The third addition will be a character named Victoria, said to be a bit unhinged and dangerous, but also tough and smart. She'll likely be a love interest for Luis and will help him accent the film's comedic moments.

We recently heard from Reed that we can expect a big Ant-Man 2 announcement soon, and it's highly possible it will be tied to one of these three roles. There's even a chance all of the new characters/actors will be revealed just ahead of production getting underway.

Though the movie is farther out than most of Marvel's remaining Phase 3 films, the remainder of the year will see more and more information about the movie arrive as we head towards the early stages of marketing. In the meantime, stay tuned for all things Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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Source: MCU Exchange

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