Ant-Man 2: Why Is Ghost So Mysterious?

Though Ant-Man and the Wasp may seem relatively straight-forward compared to other Marvel movies, there's actually a number of mysteries surrounding the plot—including who exactly Ghost is. Last year's San Diego Comic-Con offered a lot of information about upcoming MCU films, especially when it came to the cast of Ant-Man 2. It's there we learned Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne would be joining the production, but we also found out Hannah John-Kamen would be playing Ghost. In the comics, Ghost is an anti-corporate hacker who has been both hero and villain. And when it comes to her role in the MCU, it's just as intangible as her powers.

We know Ant-Man 2 will be about rescuing Janet from the Quantum Realm, but it's been hinted Ghost is somehow connected to the mission. On the surface, she seems to be after some sort of tech Hank Pym has designed, which would fall in line with the character's motives in the comics. But beyond knowing that Ghost will retain her powers of intangibility and invisibility, we don't know a lot about her thanks to how secretive Marvel have been.

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During Screen Rant's set visit to Ant-Man and the Wasp, we spoke with Hannah John-Kamen on just what it was like to put her stamp on the mysterious character and reveal more about the complicated villain.

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding your character. What can you tell us about Ghost?

Hannah John-Kamen: Well, she’s certainly a mystery, she’s this mystique. She’s the female antagonist of the movie. And it’s - I can’t really say anything else. It sucks, I know, but it’s - but she is the antagonist of the movie. She is a she. Because in the original, you know, it’s the opposite sex, obviously in this modern way, in the modern world, changing it up and having a female character of Marvel’s Ghost is really, really cool and definitely forward-thinking.

What’s Ghost’s relationship with technology in this movie?

Hannah John-Kamen:[Looks to publicist] Umm -

Does the character retain the sort of hacker status from the comics?

Hannah John-Kamen: No comment on that one. I can’t honestly, um, that’s a tough one to try and get around.

Marvel has been keeping things close to their chest when it comes to Ghost and this response to even some basic questions about the character is evident. Those involved in the film have been tight-lipped about the supposed villain, who has regularly been called an antagonist instead. Given the comic history of Ghost, this certainly lends credence to the idea that John-Kamen won't be a straight-up villain. Whether she's sympathetic like Thanos and Killmonger or turns out be a hero after all, however, it's not known.

There's also the question of whether Ghost is still a hacker. While her look is fairly accurate and her powers have stayed intact, this crucial aspect of the character seems like it'd be easy enough to confirm. Therefore, it's likely the trait will be changed and Ghost in the MCU will have a different M.O. than the one on the page. Hopefully, all the obfuscation will be worth it when Ghost's true intentions are revealed in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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