Ant-Man And The Wasp's Ending & MCU Future Explained

Cassie Lang, Future Member Of The Young Avengers?

During the conversation where Cassie Lang convinces her dad to break the rules and help save Hope and Hank, she talks about wanting to be Scott Lang's partner. He didn't realize Cassie was referring to herself when she suggested Scott needed an ally in the field, and then jokes that he'd be a terrible father if he let her suit up and fight given how young she is (although this sort of mimics Hank not letting Hope suit up in the first movie). Cassie jokingly resists before admitting Hope is the partner for her father.

There's such an obvious and deeper layer to this. This scene - along withe the drive-in scene at the end of the movie with Hope and Scott where Cassie says she just wants to "help people" - represents intentional foreshadowing due to how the film really ends. The mid-credits scene reveals Scott trapped and alone, without his "family" of heroes and certainly without any partner to speak of. Who will Scott Lang partner with then when he re-emerges from the Quantum Realm in the future (note: Janet specifically mentions avoiding "time vortexes" on his way into the Quantum Realm) for Avengers 4?

Of course it's Cassie. And wouldn't you know it but an older Cassie Lang was cast for Avengers 4. She'll be played by Emma Fuhrmann.

Cassie Lang suits up as a hero known in Marvel Comics so the blueprint, or at least, the inspiration and ideas are there. In the source material Cassie follows the footsteps of her father and becomes a version of Ant-Girl or Giant-Girl, but was also known as Stature, and most recently, Stinger. Cassie Lang is also a member of the Young Avengers - something we no doubt will see setup in the MCU, even if it's not called that. It's time for youth to be introduced among Marvel's movie heroes and Cassie is likely a key part of this going into Phase 4.

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Until then, Cassie is again without her father so Scott was right all along that every time he tries to help she gets hurt...

Janet van Dyne Has Evolved

Michelle Pfeiffer's casting as Janet van Dyne is perfect, but she's criminally under-utilized in Ant-Man and the Wasp. For a character stuck for decades in the Quantum Realm, she makes her return to our reality in tip-top shape, perhaps even beyond that.

Janet is as much a genius has Hank Pym, but seemingly more focused and level-headed. It was her formula and manipulation of Scott Lang that leads to her own rescue, and even when Hank enters the Quantum Realm in search of her, Janet must save him so they can escape together.

Somehow she's been able to live and learn and plan in the Quantum Realms all this time. We're told time works differently in the Quantum Realm but that didn't stop Janet from still aging, so she experienced that time. Still, she did gain the power to use quantum energy with a simple touch; it's because of this Janet can help heal Ghost.

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Is there more to this though? Janet's calmness despite being trapped alone for all these years (in a place we're told messes with one's mind) seems eerie, especially when coupled with her costume (where did she get that cloak and what's she been eating?). She even knows about "time vortexes", namedropping them in the mid-credits scene just for the sake of laying some Avengers 4 exposition. Maybe there's more to Janet's future in the MCU than we think. She cannot have experienced this unscathed, can she?

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