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Production on Ant-Man & The Wasp is rapidly approaching and director Peyton Reed wants fans to stay tuned for some big news. Heading into 2015, Ant-Man was considered one of Marvel's riskiest adventures that also had a rather difficult development. Edgar Wright developed the film for nearly a decade before leaving, and his absence left a void for Reed to step in and fill. He quickly implemented a few key changes to fit Marvel's vision and found himself attached to a sleeper hit for the studio, making it no surprise that he would return to direct the sequel.

This time around, Paul Rudd's Ant-Man won't be the only lead - as Evangeline Lilly's Hope Van Dyne gets the chance to suit up as well. Filming is set to begin in Atlanta in a few weeks, but there have yet to be many announcements about what the sequel will entail. Thankfully, it looks like those announcements will come soon.

Reed recently joined Instagram and used his very first post to tease anxious fans for the arrival of some news on Ant-Man & The Wasp. His caption simply tells fans to "Stay tuned," but what exactly they need to wait for is not specified. That said, based on the photo he shared (see below), it could be a long-awaited reveal.

Stay tuned. #antmanandthewasp

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One of the biggest questions left at the end of Ant-Man is what happened to Janet Van Dyne when she disappeared. An Easter egg teased her whereabouts in the Quantum Realm, and it has been no secret that the original Wasp will be a key figure in the sequel. This could ultimately be the news that Reed wants fans to stay tuned for and could indicate that the casting decision could come in a matter of days. Since Reed chose to share a photo of the original Wasp and Ant-Man from the comics, this could mean her announcement comes first.

However, the other big option could be the reveal of Lilly in her Wasp costume. Fans have been dying to see this ever since Ant-Man's post-credits scene set the stage for Hope to suit up, at last. Lilly has already done Wasp costume fittings and with filming starting soon, sharing a first look at her in the suit would be news worth waiting for.

Even though these are the two biggest announcements that could come out of the Wasp-centric tease, these will not be the only announcements made in the coming weeks, so Reed's tease could be more general. Hannah John-Kamen is the only new member of the cast announced, so Marvel still needs to confirm her and announce the rest of the additional cast. Considering this has been a project largely left out of the public spotlight so far, it's about time Ant-Man & The Wasp gets to be the center of attention.

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Source: Peyton Reed

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