Ant-Man 2 Trailer Reveals Rescue of Original Wasp

The first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp is here, featuring the return of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang as the titular Ant-Man and the debut of Evangeline Lilly's Wasp, as Hope van Dyne finally gets to don a superhero outfit of her own. Hope inherits the mantle from her mother, Janet van Dyne, who served alongside Hank Pym's Ant-Man until she sacrificed herself by shrinking down to the subatomic level in order to stop a nuclear bomb, and was lost in the Quantum Realm. We saw the Quantum Realm revisited in Ant-Man when Scott used a similar maneuver, but he was ultimately able to pull himself out and find a way home.

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet van Dyne will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer - so it's fairly safe to assume that Scott and Hope will find a way to rescue the original Wasp from the Quantum Realm. This trailer seems to offer a glimpse of exactly how the rescue will go down, as two quick shots show some kind of craft - first preparing for a mission, and then actually exploring the Quantum Realm (surrounded by tardigrades).

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The trailer didn't explicitly lay out a plan to rescue the original Wasp, instead focusing on the fallout from Captain America: Civil War, which has apparently left Scott, Hope and Hank on the run. However, given that Scott visited the Quantum Realm and managed to survive, it only makes sense that Hank and Hope would want to find a way to replicate his success and use it for a rescue mission. You can see the craft that may help them to accomplish this in the image above, and another below.

Of course, there's a possibility that this craft isn't related to the rescue of Janet van Dyne, but is actually used by Ant-Man and the Wasp's main villain, Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), whom we see being created in a lab similar to the one the quantum craft is in. In the comics, Ghost is an industrial saboteur with a vendetta against corporations (and a particular hate for Tony Stark), so it's possible that Ghost will try to steal some of Hank Pym's shrinking tech in order to better execute a mission. Then again, dealing with a villain who has shrinking tech might be too much of a retread (that was the plot of Ant-Man), so the far more likely explanation is that this craft was built by Hank Pym in order to rescue his long-lost wife.

Any mission to try and rescue Janet van Dyne will be inherently dangerous. Doctor Strange briefly showed the Quantum Realm being accessed by Stephen Strange through magical means, but otherwise the only way to get there is by physically shrinking down to the subatomic level - something that's very difficult to come back from. In the Quantum Realm, time and space cease to matter as residents eventually shrink down to a point where they simply drift through a silent void - it's not a fun place to get stuck. This was one of the most intriguing elements of Ant-Man, and it will be exciting to see it explored further in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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