Luis Starts A Security Business in Ant-Man 2—Staffed Entirely by Ex-Cons

Luis' (Michael Pena) latest venture in Ant-Man & the Wasp is an homage to Scott Lang's business in the comics: a security firm staffed by ex-cons.

Not only is Michael Peña back as Luis in Ant-Man & the Wasp, but he has also started a business that's pulled straight from the comics. A lot changed between Edgar Wright tackling Ant-Man and director Peyton Reed taking the reins. One major alteration was the fast-talking recaps by Luis, which were one of the biggest hits of the first film. It's almost guaranteed that one or two more will be featured in the sequel, but regardless, Luis will be around keeping the tone light as Ant-Man and the team deal with one bad night in Ant-Man 2.

One particular Ant-Man & the Wasp TV spot features Luis wanting his own suit as more and more costumed characters emerge in San Francisco. That's unlikely to ever happen, but Luis - and Kurt and Dave, for that matter - will still be intrinsic to the plot of the new movie. In the first film, they helped Scott steal the Ant-Man suit and then assist in taking down Darren Cross. How they'll factor into the final throw down of the sequel is unknown, but they'll certainly play a role in Scott's personal life.

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During Screen Rant's set visit to Ant-Man & the Wasp, we heard from executive producer Stephen Broussard about what Luis, Kurt, and Dave will be up to in the new movie. And as it turns out, their latest venture will be quite familiar to comic readers.

"We had a group of lovable ex-cons trying to do one last score and kind of getting a taste of the hero life. Post-Ant-Man, they’re kind of trying to go legit, basically, and what’s happened is Luis, Kurt, and Dave—and Scott when he gets out—have started a business called X-Con Home Security. Who better to protect your house than ex-convicts? And that’s kind of the brass ring waiting for Scott if he can survive this move. It’s like, ‘If I get out of house arrest, if I keep my nose clean, I get a real job of starting a business, everything is gonna be great.’ And it’s another kind of goal, desire, finish line for him that’s complicated by the events of this movie."

In Nick Spencer's recent run in the comics, Ant-Man follows Scott Lang as he heads to Miami to be closer to his daughter Cassie. Once there, he starts his own security firm that employs a variety of somewhat-reformed D-list supervillains. The whole run is packed with humor and features some clever new concepts like apps for hiring henchmen. But the idea of a security company run by ex-cons seems like it was too promising for the film's team to pass up.

For Scott, the business will be the promise of a life removed from crime and something to do outside of being a superhero. With the Sokovia Accords preventing Scott from operating as Ant-Man, he'll be looking for something on the straight and narrow as he seeks to serve out his house arrest. Of course, we know he'll eventually be pulled back into that other life and there's bound to be some consequences. Then again, with Thanos' invasion impending, any punishment may soon disappear. Hopefully, X-Con Home Security sticks around in the MCU even after Ant-Man & the Wasp.

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