Rumored Ant-Man 2 Casting Call Teasing Connection to Civil War?

New intel regarding a casting call for Ant-Man and The Wasp could be another link to Captain America: Civil War. Following the launch of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang - the ex-convict with a heart of gold chosen by Michael Douglas' Hank Pym to inherit the Ant-Man suit, the character quickly became a fan-favorite with his effective brand of humor and fascinating superpowers. He was tapped in to join he big ideological conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark - siding with the former, which introduced him to the bevy of other main game players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and subsequently also landed him back in jail cell, albeit a different, far more secure high-tech and secure one.

Based on the sequel's official synopsis that was released several days ago, the events of Civil War will directly spill into Scott's upcoming new standalone adventure. On top of dealing with the consequences of his choices, the shrinking hero will have to go out on a new mission that would uncover some unanswered mysteries, presumably the disappearance and the possible return of Janet van Dyne, who will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

In a new report by Omega Underground, a supposed new casting call for Ant-Man and The Wasp has been uncovered which has revealed that the production is looking to tap the services of some extras who will play prisoners and prison guards. The specifics of the announcement are as follows:


-Males (25-49)

-Tough, rough convict look. 

-Tattoos are fine but need clearance. 

-All Ethnicities


-Males (30-49)



-All Ethnicities"

Spider-Man and Ant-Man in Civil War

While it is easy to relate this piece of information to Civil War given that the last we see of Scott was imprisoned in the Raft, it does not seem likely that the casting call is for people who sound like they are actually from a normal prison house. Further, with the deep underwater government facility only used for high-profile and superpowered inmates, it is unlikely that they will crowd it with other bad guys especially with Team Cap's members' ability - which we presume they were able to do so via the short snippet of Steve coming in to break them out of penitentiary.

So what could be other possible scenarios that might involve prisoners and prison guards in Ant-Man and The Wasp 2 if this report turns out to be true? There's a chance that after they were able to get out of the Raft and got dispersed, Scott comes back in San Francisco where he becomes a local vigilante causing him to be locked back up in a normal jail cell. It is also plausible that the prison sequence will be part of a flashback while he was serving time inside.

Production of the film has officially started just this month, but photos of Rudd filming for a Marvel film had leaked as early as last month. In the set photo, Rudd is seen filming a foot chase scene which could back-up the idea of Scott being on the run from authorities on his own although with several MCU films overlapping production like Avengers: Inifinity War, the untitled Avengers 4 and Ant-Man and The Wasp - all with which the actor is presumed to have appearance in, it is difficult to pinpoint what film will the scene be included in.

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Source: Omega Underground

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