Another X-Files Movie Coming? YAWN...

As I've stated here before: Does anyone really care about X-Files any more? Chris Carter abused the fans so completely towards the end of the show's run that I don't know how even fans of the original will care to show up for a theatrical movie based on the series. I mean, wasn't the last X-Files movie supposed to answer all the questions and tie up all the loose ends?

Except that, oh yeah. It DIDN'T.

The IESB article doesn't state whether Carter would be involved or not, although I can't imagine he wouldn't be. He hasn't produced or directed anything since the show went off the air what, five years ago? Duchovny hasn't been burning up the screen lately either. I suppose I can't blame them (if Carter is involved) in trying to re-light this fire, but I don't think it's going to catch.

I've compared Lost to X-Files more than once, stating how dangerous it is to lead your audience around by the nose for too long with no satisfying final destination. Fans of a show can be very forgiving, but everyone has a limit (look at Star Trek with the awful Voyager series and the first couple of seasons of Enterprise).

If it gets made, another X-Files movie will be a non-event.

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