Another 'Scream' Trilogy On The Way?

Hot on the heels of the news that another Scream film is happening, we get the possibility of there being not one but three more Scream films, bringing the franchise total to six.

It's already been confirmed that the original writer of the series, Kevin Williamson, is going to be penning the fourth film, but rumblings have it that he'll write the whole trilogy.

What suggests this new set of films is a screen capture (shown below) that was sent to Rope Of Silicon showing the report of Scream 4, 5 and 6 in the works.

Now I should point out that this report is totally unconfirmed and therefore this "news" should be treated as a rumor at this point in time. However the ball that's started rolling with at least one more Scream film suggests that this trilogy report may be legit.

So let's just take it for a moment that this is in fact true and there is another Scream trilogy on the way - I don't think it's a good idea. Since it's continuing on the series (i.e. numbers 4, 5 and 6) I don't really see the point; sure, you're going to get the name recognition but is it just me or did the series decline after the first film - going from an original, pretty creative idea (one which has influenced tons of horror movies since) to just silly and dumb by the third one?

Something they could have done (which I thought they would have went with instead of just continuing the series) would be to do a reboot and start another trilogy from scratch. However even that I think it is pretty pointless because it's not been that long since Scream 3 (or even the first Scream for that matter), certainly not long enough for a reboot to be warranted.

So either way, I think this is a bad idea - outside of hardcore fans of the series I can't see this appealing to audiences any more than any of the other horror films that get so plentifully released these days. Even as a single fourth film in the series it seems to be only an attempt to draw money from the name recognition and popularity of a past set of films.

However a couple of rays of hope are that the original writer of the series is confirmed for at least one film and horror master Wes Craven has shown interest in returning to direct. At least that gives the whole idea a stronger backbone of credibility and worthiness.

If this news is true do you think a new Scream trilogy is a good idea? Is it a pointless concept to have any more Scream films at all or do you think there's potential for something worthwhile?

Sources: Rope of Silicon, Bloody Disgusting and /Film

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