Another Mrs. Doubtfire in the works?

When I first read that a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire might materialize, my initial reaction was to laugh in disbelief. Then it turned into, "Good Lord, I hope not." Then it became, "No... they wouldn't... would they?"

Oh, yes they would.

I'm becoming convinced that there are seven stages of reacting to bad movie ideas. Stage seven, contrary to popular belief, is not acceptance; it's ranting. :twisted:

According to CNN, Robin Williams is in talks to reprise his role as a struggling actor who dresses up in drag so he can be with his estranged wife and his kids. Ha ha... I'm still laughing from the first one... not. I can understand Chris Columbus doing this; aside from the first two Harry Potter movies, he's mostly known for writing, directing and/or producing crapfests. But what on earth would possess Robin Williams to do it? Any potential laugh sources in the movie would certainly be worn out and stale by now, so what's the point of a sequel?

I have a feeling things in Hollyweird are going to get worse before they get better.


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