Annoying News Of The Day: Journeyman Ends At Episode 12

It looks like NBC's excellent time traveler series Journeyman is a victim of not only the writers' strike, but poor ratings as well.

Kevin Falls, creator of the series:

"Episode 12 is the end of our order, and let's not kid ourselves. It's a longshot that we would get a back nine, given the strike and our questionable numbers"

"Numbers" meaning ratings and "back nine" meaning the remaining number of episodes required to complete a full season.

Unfortunately for Journeyman, it follows the weaker than expected Heroes this season on Monday nights and goes up against one of the seemingly (to me) infinite number of CSI spinoffs (in this case, CSI: Miami).

I've thought this show was outstanding from the first episode, except for the lead character's seeming inability to pin down his ex-fiancee on what and who exactly is behind their "missions." I like the actors, the dialog and the story, not only in and of itself but the unveiling of it from week to week. If this will be it for the show I'll be really bummed.

And what about the possibility of leaving the viewers hanging with an unanswered mystery the way CBS did with Jericho? Regarding how the 12th and supposedly final episode was written:

"It wouldn't answer every question, but it would give you a lot to chew on, We would give you some answers, and we'd withhold others. We didn't want to turn over every card. But I think people will find it satisfying, and it's really good... you'll get some of the answers to what goes on..."

Falls also says that Dan (Kevin McKidd) will encounter another time traveler in that 12th episode who will make a number of things clear.

Tonight the 10th episode will be airing on NBC following Heroes.

Source: SciFiWire

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