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Oscar Isaac as Kane in Annihilation

Kane (Oscar Isaac)

Kane is Lena's husband, who went on a previous expedition into the Southern Reach. After being missing for around a year, "Kane" returns home to Lena before suffering from mass organ failure. Lena volunteers to enter the Shimmer in order to find a way to save her husband; however, at the Lighthouse, she discovers that her husband killed himself using a grenade after instructing his doppelganger to find her. At the end of the film, Lena learns that the Shimmer has disappeared entirely and that "Kane" has mysteriously made a full recovery. She asks him if he is the real Kane, and he replies that he does not think so. He asks her if she is the real Lena, and she embraces him. Both of their eyes shimmer different colors.

In the book, "Kane" does return home along with all of the members of his expedition, but they cannot remember their time in Area X or how they returned home. All members of the expedition die of cancer several weeks later.

Lomax (Benedict Wong)

Lomax is the interviewer who speaks to Lena after she returns from the Shimmer. Donning a biohazard suit and speaking in a cautious and level voice, he coaxes Lena to discuss her experiences. The film opens with Lomax speaking to Lena as a crowd of Southern Reach employees watch.

The second book in the Southern Reach trilogy is told from the perspective of John "Control" Hernandez, the new Director of the Southern Reach who manages all of the post-Area X interviews. However, beyond this position, Lomax and Control do not share personality traits or interview styles. Control's interview more resembles a police interrogation, and he is much more prone to outbursts. Control struggles to maintain his authority, both inside and outside of the interview room, as he discovers that the woman he is interviewing is not the Biologist but a copy of her; Lomax, from what we can tell, does not suspect that the Biologist isn't who she appears to be.

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Daniel (David Gyasi)

David Gyasi
David Gyasi in Panic (2014)

Daniel is a married professor at Johns Hopkins who has an affair with Lena while Kane is away on one of his missions. Lena ends things with him, telling him that Kane knows about them. Daniel tells Lena that she hates herself, not him, and Lena retorts that she hates both of them. Daniel does not appear in any of the Southern Reach books.

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